Known as "special children", the kindergarten will be sued in favor of an apology and compensation for the Sohu – Beijing Evening News: the education of parents said their children suffer long-term abuse in kindergarten, park direction all the parents issued a public letter said the children "has a tendency of special children". Because of that letter caused a serious infringement of the child’s reputation, children to sue the zoo is asking for an apology and compensation for mental damages 50 thousand yuan. November 2nd morning, the case in the second instance of the Beijing third intermediate people’s court and sentenced the child to win. Your mother, you in the Ivy day kindergarten school and study for two and a half years, but has been reluctant to go to kindergarten, she is for the children of the transferred. In order to understand the situation of children in kindergarten, you mother I hope the zoo provided free video two days. But your mother said, the kindergarten children and finally took out the last day in kindergarten: the whole morning video Niuniu hiding in the corner of the bedroom unattended, the afternoon was the teacher hit, "it’s shocking." Your mother found the kindergarten rights, garden party does not recognize abuse. Therefore, the public through the WeChat Taurus mom to disclose the matter. But in the kindergarten Niuniu from the park, issued an open letter to the parents of children enrolled in the park, denied the existence of abuse, and said "Niuniu tendency" special children, garden party organized experts to observe, and beef class specifically to increase a teacher to give special care. "We have submitted all the information to the board of education, and the Education Commission survey shows that there is no evidence of violence." The zoo said that the open letter issued only to clarify the facts, "special children" itself is a neutral term, not to belittle you. You mother said, the kindergarten this open letter confuse right and wrong, the impact scope, has affected the normal life of the child. "Some children in communities of you said," you are ill, I do not play with you. "." The five year old cow was by this label, you mother both sad and helpless, in order to protect the child, one family moved away from the original area. A trial by the judgment dismissed the claims, Niuniu appeal, morning, the case in Beijing City Court hearing. Your mother said, go to the new kindergarten teacher, a special psychological counseling for him. "On the face of the child has changed a lot, but there is always a spiritual trauma." After the trial, the third hospital support all claims Niuniu, revoked the first instance verdict, commuted to the zoo to apologize for an Niuniu and compensation for mental damages, 50 thousand yuan. (the original title was "called" special children "children in kindergarten" Gao Ying)相关的主题文章: