Kimura Ayano and boyfriend outside marriage over 2 years naturalization official exchanges – Sohu Sohu Kimura Ayano entertainment entertainment news (compiled Domino) actor Kimura Ayano day before the official announcement has 11 days this month with her boyfriend of 2 years of marriage – naturalization. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama according to the relevant sources claimed, Kimura Ayano’s boyfriend is a more than and 30 year old acting lecturer, two people met in 5 years ago, has been acting on the exchange of views, the official exchanges of more than two years, just last month after 29 years old the birthday of Kimura Ayano decided to enter the new stage of life, so the choice of Naturalization of marriage. According to current information, Kimura Ayano no signs of pregnancy, the marriage will always insist on performing the work, there is no wedding, wedding banquet reservation. 2004 Kimura Ayano debut at the age of 20 with half the work, once rely on to earn a livelihood in the family, the restaurant, at the age of 23 is now owned firms hire open activities, in 2012 the NHK morning show "little doctor" became popular in the spring of last year, "Mother TBS Game" file to realize for the first time in the series, starring the drama "crystal", is playing in the work is on the upgrade, January of the following year she also starred in Takuya Kimura drama "A LIFE" play the main role.相关的主题文章: