KIA Beer Festival buy only in August 27th! July 30th Shanghai, known as the first KIA Carnival beer festival was a complete success. In the KIA leadership, media friends, customers, and the company’s strong support, day activities throughout the hall packed, the door parked vehicle customer site, even foreigners came from Songjiang, 900 bottles of beer in short supply, 39 times the cumulative orders! Site popular quite popular! Should be the strong demand of our customers, we will be ready for the second session of the August 27th Shanghai KIA beer carnival. Your intention of car, car, ready to Car Buying friends can continue to pay attention to the related activities in KIA know information, because the Beer Festival tickets, please make an appointment in advance, no slow hand. We will be more professional, more intimate service waiting for your presence! Open the HAPPY in the day of the carnival, bring unparalleled visual Carnival feast. By the price constraints, to avoid the super low price volatility caused by the market in Shanghai, Shanghai in the Internet can not know the lowest price reported to you. But in Shanghai, as long as you know your commitment, to the store, once again held Carnival Oktoberfest, will remain as in the past activities of the ultra low cost, you only need to know in Shanghai in the price, will have a lower price for you! In addition, the scene can participate in sweepstakes lottery tickets, only the activities of the day to use, if not a car, the deposit will be returned to your account within seven days after the event. You are still hesitant what? Dial the hotline 021-61198008 order! Activity time: August 27, 2016 13:30-22:00 day Venue: Shanghai Baoshan District City, No. 968 Changjiang Road in Shanghai know KIA’s flagship 4S store experience activities hotline: 021-61198008 021-60719835 ten heavy gift with you to enjoy the hitherto unknown Beer Festival carnival! 1, pay attention to store gift: hot afternoons to store customer except an unlimited amount of drinking cold beer, more in the car, a car at the same time enjoy personalized basketball performances, dance, fashion show in South korea. 2, Li 300: all day to shop travel car customers, pay 300 yuan can enjoy in Shanghai know KIA provides 7 days or 5 days free Macau Tour Thailand Classic Tour, and by travel vouchers to participate in sweepstakes, ensure that everyone can take the prize. 3, Shen Wudi price ceremony: beer festival day the sale of vehicles can enjoy Shen Wudi price, price compensation, a small car for more special offer bargain! 315 cars preferential buy that earn a hitherto unknown! 4, lifelong maintenance ceremony: customers often buy a car after the high maintenance costs for the 4S shop to worry about, not to mention Asia’s largest KIA 4S shop. During Oktoberfest to car customers only need to pay 1700 yuan, have the opportunity to participate in the maintenance of life vehicle berserk ritual activities, replacing the later maintenance cost. 5, Ping An insurance ceremony: during Oktoberfest to car customers have the opportunity to participate in the fighting vehicle compulsory insurance package, pay 1000 yuan in Shanghai know KIA to give you 3 years of free compulsory insurance, small abacus fly…… Count how many.相关的主题文章: