KGI securities Guo Mingji: next year the new iPhone or regression of positive and negative glass design of Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 30th morning news, KGI securities analyst Guo Mingji released the latest report, expected new iPhone intelligent mobile phone Apple Corp will be launched in 2017 is likely to adopt similar to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S glass is the reverse design. The report said, the Apple Corp might think that deep black iPhone 7 because of its smooth surface gloss and loved by the users, and the glass design will greatly reduce the possibility of being scratched. Previously, Apple Corp has suggested that iPhone 7 users to use mobile phone sets to avoid its daily use and was slightly worn". KGI Securities report also pointed out that, according to a survey of iPhone 7 pre orders for the company, "the global range 30% to 35%, Chinese market 45% to 50% of the pre orders are the choice of the deep black iPhone 7, this color version due to inventory restrictions and hard to get. If the Apple Corp really for next year’s new iPhone with positive and negative glass design, then all the colors of the iPhone series of products are likely to have a smooth surface gloss similar, specifically to see how to deal with the design and Apple Corp. The report also said that the use of so-called "2.5D glass" rather than "3D glass" will bring the difference in surface curvature. KGI said, "2.5D glass" will be designed to bring more durable, impact force can make the mobile phone under drop. In addition, the report also pointed out that the lower yield of dark black iPhone 7, which is one of the reasons for Apple Corp intends to return to glass design. Users prefer a smooth surface gloss design, but for Apple Corp, it is difficult to want to make the speed of mass production. Finally, KGI predict that next year’s new iPhone will use stainless steel or aluminum metal shell, the high-end models will likely adopt stainless steel shell. This may mean that Apple Corp will once again return to the era of iPhone 4, but will use the difference between the metal shell to attract users to buy high-end models. KGI securities had previously forecast that next year, the iPhone models will return to full glass design, the report released Thursday by more evidence to further emphasize that the expected. In addition, KGI securities also predicted Apple Corp will launch 5.8 inch display models in the next year. (Tang Feng)相关的主题文章: