UnCategorized Keyword density is the ratio of your keywords to the other text on your webpage. Keyword density is one of the things that search engines look for when evaluating a website. If you get your keyword density just right, then it is a big help in your search engine optimization. Suppose you have 400 words in the text portion of your website, and one of your keywords is repeated 12 times. Then that particular keyword has a density of 3%. Keyword density is important because it shows that a particular document is really concerned with that word. Keyword density can also be broken down for the sections of your website. You should check the keyword density of your title tag, description tag, body text, headers and link text There are various tools to help you to find out the keyword density of the important sections of your web page. A free keyword density tool can be found at ..seochat../seo-tools/keyword-density/ . There are also keyword density tools packaged in search engine optimization software such as Web Position gold and SEO Studio If you want to get your keyword density just right, the first thing to do is to write your page naturally, for human beings and not with the search engine in mind. Good search engine optimization starts with such natural copy. If you are well focused you will probably mention your keyword in the beginning and probably repeat it a few times in the body and will probably use it when you rap up. Your keyword density should be fine. Also if you put your keyword in your main title, and in a subheading, then that will help your readers while also pleasing the search engines. The most important tip I can give you for getting the right keyword density is to keep it natural. You can use the keyword density tools to check your site but if you get in the habit of writing well-focused pages you will not have to add any keywords or stuff your text with additional keywords. In any case, by all means go ahead and check to see how you are doing. After you have written you page, check the densities in the total document and in the various parts. A density of 2-5% in your text is considered good however when you also take into account your meta tags, then the density may rise to as much as 15%. Take a look at the .petitors and see what they are doing. Also read your pages aloud, if your keywords sound like you have stuck them in unnecessarily then you have probably gone over the acceptable keyword density for the text portion of your document. It will take some trial and error, but once you get it right, proper keyword density can be an important contributor to enhanced search engine rankings for your website About the Author: 相关的主题文章: