Jordan Chan brothers Qi island "change the primitive shredded coconut" – Sohu entertainment " Jordan Chan   " chowhound; Sohu by Hunan TV entertainment news produced large structural variety "come on, just do it" is at the end of 2016 heavy landing Hunan tv. Days ago, a group of net exposure recording scenes photos, "six brothers living on the island of Jordan Chan in the picture, in the face of the island food shortage predicament, six Qi Qi turned" crazy primitive "staged a scene of shredded coconut, picture really laughing. In this regard, many netizens have quipped: "originally a small Chun is not a coconut ah, the program group decisively poke in our adorable little!" "Six points a coconut, okay? Desert island is really terrible, distressed me ‘big brother’!" As a representative of countless actor and singer, Jordan Chan screen tough guy image of the people. And return to the family, and Cherrie Ying had a son and he is an almighty daddy". Who joined the "come on, just do it", Jordan Chan and the brothers together "a lack of food on the" desert island, but in the face of a little coconut made difficult. From the point of view in the scenes photos, Jordan Chan brothers of coconut can be described as "tricks to do" the use of "Eighteen as Wu Yi". I saw people sometimes Qili peeling, sometimes with a shovel cut, small and more domineering will shovel on foot, empty handed battle "against" coconut, open "crazy primitive mode". How hard the coconut "coat" not to be easily peeled off, "little brother" Xie Binbin still open coconut "heroic wounded". This also makes people in the face of the hard won food and a lot of thinking, but also know how to cherish. The power of unity can not be underestimated, and ultimately "shredded coconut" success. I saw the little brother sitting happily enjoying meat on the ground, the happiness is not easily won, but Qinliqinwei, worked for "victory" is more sweet. Survival is not easy, the potential is unlimited, so it seems that six brothers face the potential to stimulate the desert island is unlimited. "All the people, the benefits of broken gold," the motto is also applicable today. Then, Jordan Chan led the "blood brothers" together "to join it, just do it", what kind of funny stories in the extreme environment and the trial will be crazy? Jordan Chan can "open, break their own? In the face of many challenges, "come on, do it," is about to open the fire to open a "do it" fantasy journey. You, are you ready?相关的主题文章: