Ji’nan residents can not open the unmarried proof of purchase of housing with limited controversial original title: Ji’nan: unmarried residents unable to issue proof of purchase can not buy real controversy on 10 October, xinhuanet.com Ji’nan (reporter Wang Zhisun Xiao Hui) recently, Ji’nan city announced the purchase of the property market policies, property buyers purchase requirements before marriage certificate issued by the purchase of proof, but because unmarried residents unable to prove their marital status, to issue proof of purchase, and can not buy a house, sparked controversy. The 28 year old Yang Peng in a large state-owned enterprises in Ji’nan, has not yet married him in September this year with his parents saw a property located at Eastern Ji’nan Shunhua Road, ready to "eleven" holiday sales as the future of the marriage room. But after the introduction of the restriction policy in Ji’nan, he was unable to provide a single proof of marital status, the nature can not be issued to prove the purchase, the loss of the purchase of qualifications. Since October 3rd, Ji’nan City, the city residence households in the city within the housing has three sets (including the purchase, the spouse and minor children), suspended in part area of Ji’nan city (including Lixia District, central city, Huaiyin District, Flyover District, Licheng District, high tech Zone) for sale to the housing (including new housing and second-hand housing); non family residence in the city in the area of the city, part of the purchase of a house without housing. According to the Ji’nan urban and Rural Construction Committee, the housing and Real Estate Management Bureau and other five departments recently issued the "Regulations", the purchase of the purchase, buyers in the purchase of housing, family members should submit the identity certificate, proof of residence, proof of marriage. Among them, the purchase of the marriage certificate provided by the marriage certificate, divorce certificate or other valid marriage certificate. 9, the reporter went to the Ji’nan real estate trading center on the matter, the staff said the relevant departments are coordinating, but when these departments can networking, there is no specific timetable. In Ji’nan City Real Estate Trading Center, several real estate intermediary staff told reporters, currently married as long as buyers can produce a marriage certificate, but now the Civil Affairs Bureau to cancel a single proof, the unmarried person cannot prove that marriage and family, there is no way to open proof of purchase, will not be able to purchase. This issue needs to be resolved after the Construction Committee, housing, land, public security, civil affairs system networking. Ji’nan City, the relevant department staff confirmed to reporters: "Ji’nan due to the purchase of the policy has no policy of single people, the residents can not open a single proof of purchase, only wait for the follow-up policy." For these departments when the system networking, the staff said, is not clear". Because of poor information between departments directly deprived of the qualifications of single young buyers, I hope the relevant departments to solve the problem as soon as possible, to restore our purchase qualifications." Yang Peng said. Unmarried female youth village was completed in August this year, 9 net signed, she came to the center of real estate related formalities. Talking about the purchase of Ji’nan to unmarried youth can not buy a house, Xiaozhuang believes that the relevant departments of the purchase of the policy should be considered in all levels, many young singles are in the field to Ji’nan to work hard, just because of the single lost own house qualification, this approach is Kai相关的主题文章: