Ji’nan purchase settled threshold if the 30 level down 4489 can increase the "new citizen" in Shandong, the transfer of rural population is still settled in the city will is not strong, the employment situation is poor, difficult to purchase, enjoy social welfare is relatively poor and the small towns of comprehensive carrying capacity of the overall weak, the problem of rural population transfer is not attractive enough. On the afternoon of 26, the provincial CPPCC held a faster and better way to integrate the rural transfer population into the urban consultation. It is estimated that the threshold of Ji’nan housing purchase will be reduced from 90 square meters to 60 square meters, which will increase 400 thousand to 50 000 to the standard of settling the household. [Topic 1] urban and rural two-way circulation to settle long-term urban population in rural areas, the rural homestead can buy recommendations before the provincial CPPCC Committee for social and legal aspects of our province transfer of rural population into the city to conduct research, and the formation of the report. It is suggested that we should improve the identification standard of the members of the rural collective economic organizations, and gradually realize the decoupling between the collective property rights and the income distribution rights of the members of the rural collective economic organizations and household registration changes, so as to relieve the worries of the rural population to settle down in cities. It also suggested that we should push forward the two-way circulation of urban and rural areas, eliminate the obstacles of urban population flowing to the countryside, and open up the channels for urban population to rural areas, and explore the conditional opening of rural homestead market to urban residents who have long-term settlement and employment in rural areas. We should strengthen the protection of labor rights and interests of the rural population and improve the transfer and continuation methods of social insurance. 2] [Topic City located in the release of Ji’nan purchase settled threshold if low to 60 square meters, up by 500 thousand people turned the city, has been the concern of identity conversion. To this end, the provincial CPPCC in the research report suggested that we should relax the establishment conditions of collective households, and allow organizations, groups, private non enterprise units and affordable housing districts to set up collective households. At present, Shandong has taken the lead in realizing community collective households. "But from the point of view, the collective and family households are opposite, so the family can not be set up under the collective households." Chen Aiguo, deputy chief of the general public security department of the provincial public security department, said. Many of the participants suggested that the standard of urban settlement should be reduced and the channels for the transfer of the population will be unimpeded. According to reports, the Ji’nan 90 square meters of the purchase settled conditions as an example, if the threshold is reduced to 60 square meters, will be increased to four million population settled standards. In Qingdao, the decline in the settlement standard will increase more conforming "outsiders". However, the CPPCC members also put forward that the city should not blindly open the policy of opening and falling, and the city’s carrying capacity should be considered, and the big cities should be integrated. Source: Ji’nan times

济南购房落户门槛若降30平 可增四五十万“新市民”   在山东,农村转移人口仍存在进城落户意愿不强、就业状况不佳、购房难、享受社会福利状况相对差及中小城镇综合承载能力总体偏弱,对农村转移人口吸引力不够等问题。   26日下午,省政协召开促进农村转移人口更快更好融入城市协商会,据测算,济南购房落户的门槛若从90平方米降低到60平方米,将会增加40万—50万达到落户标准的人员。   [话题1] 城乡双向流通城镇人口在农村长期定居,建议可买农村宅基地   日前,省政协社会法制委员会针对我省农村转移人口融入城市方面进行调研,并形成情况报告。其中,建议完善农村集体经济组织成员认定标准,逐步实现农村集体经济组织成员集体财产权和收益分配权与户籍变动脱钩,解除农村人口到城市落户的后顾之忧。   建议还提出,推进城乡要求双向流通,消除城镇人口向农村流动的障碍,试点放开城镇人口向农村流动渠道,探索有条件地向在农村长期定居和就业的城镇人口开放农村宅基地市场。加强农村转移人口的劳动权益保障,完善社会保险转移接续办法。   [话题2] 城市落户放开济南购房落户门槛若低至60㎡,可最多增50万人   变身城里人,户籍身份转换一直备受关注。为此,省政协在调研报告中建议放宽集体户设立条件,允许机关、团体、民办非企业单位、保障性住房小区等设立集体户。目前,山东已率先实现社区集体户。   “但从设立上来说,集体户和家庭户相对立,所以集体户下不能设立家庭户。”省公安厅治安总队副总队长陈爱国说。不少与会人员建议降低城市落户标准,畅通转移人口落户渠道。据介绍,以济南90平方米的购房落户条件为例,如果门槛降低为60平方米,将会增加四五十万达到落户标准的人口。在青岛,这种落户标准的降低或将增加更多符合条件的“外来人”。但也有政协委员提出,城市不能盲目全开放落户政策,要考虑城市承载力等,大城市还是应该实行积分制。   来源:济南时报相关的主题文章: