Jilin dozens of students in staging fraud involving more than 200 yuan – Beijing yesterday, from the Jilin animation college students reported in lending platform staging fraud storm, someone to do a part-time job in the name of scalping allows students to register for campus loan platform, followed by the student loan platform for loans and the purchase of mobile phone use, promise don’t I have student loans. But in August of this year, the man suddenly lost contact, students and parents alarm. According to the police filing materials show that a total of 50 students involved in more than 7 universities, involving more than 200 yuan. To "paid brush" cheat student loan Jilin animation college student Wang Miao (a pseudonym) told reporters earlier this year, she saw on a part-time college students QQ group named Shen Jiyang who announced that part-time scalping, "said a single 100 yuan, mobile phone brush, brush single similar with Taobao". At the beginning of March, Wang Miao contacted Shen and her sister quarternary. In a shop in front of Jilin animation Institute, three four house, at Shen Jiyang’s request, Wang Miao download "love school loans", "stage music" and "stage" 5 lending platform software, and registered with the ID card and student card and photos. Subsequently, Shen Jiyang asked the king Miaozai lending platform on loan to buy Apple mobile phone, promised to give 100 yuan per scalping costs, and said it would not have regular repayment, Wang Miaochang. According to the students and Shen Jiyang signed a labor contract shows that the students volunteered to do a part-time job for Shen Jiyang, to provide them with a real ID card and bank account. Shen Jiyang to ensure that every single given after completion of 50 yuan -100 yuan Commission, each completed a single, give the students ious. Several students said, Shen also began to give quarter masculine students money, let its loan platform cost. But until August of this year, Wang Miaodeng found that students cannot contact Shen quarternary, but this time, they were facing a debt loan platform. Because of the lack of timely repayment, the loan platform payment is very high. One student said, he started in February this year the "part-time brush", when several platform loan principal is 60 thousand yuan, the monthly interest plus fines, until now he had to repay nearly 100 thousand yuan, "we do have family part-time general, really do not have the ability to repay the money moreover, the money is not for us, have been taken away by Shen Jiyang". After the maturity of the loan platform, these students are crazy platform debt. The phone text messages to give their repayments, sending information to students in the mail list, and even some people will owe students photos, names and grades to the school Post Bar, with dirty words, "we don’t abuse is a liar money, our relatives and friends to send a message that we fraud, Zhang said these students things came out, many of them are beginning to no learning. The loan platform Debt Threat student loan repayment of students and parents alarm police investigation injured students to provide local police filed a written decision, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Changchun high tech Industrial Development Zone Branch in September 21st has been on the high tech Zone 2016 Changchun Shen quarternary fraud An Lirui相关的主题文章: