Jiangxi Yongxiu police killed suspects: Villagers called dares to offend him "the reward for 30 days, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from a number of villagers Jianhua, bears the world had several record last time, because of suspicion of intentional injury causing death, once in 2010 by a local court sentenced to imprisonment for 6 years. Local villagers said, usually do not provoke him". Event: Police stabbed 6 knife killed in network transmission in video surveillance, BYD reporter saw police killed Huang Guifu held an umbrella, a barrel of oil, along the road. At this time, a middle-aged man with a knife, from the rear of the attack, 6 knife stab, Huang Guifu then fell dead. On the evening of 29, Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau informed that, on the same day at 11:36, "Huang Guifu was killed, the suspect was a 40 year old Yongxiu County Township Village Triangle Jianhua bears the world, after the incident fled the scene. Only less than 20 minutes after 11:55 at noon, the local police station received the alarm, said again, the triangle Xiang Jianhua Village Youzha entrance, two were stabbed by a knife. According to preliminary investigation, the victim Xiong Zhongfang, Xiong Wen Department of parent-child relationship, the suspect was determined to bear the world". Currently, two injured are being treated in Yongxiu County People’s Hospital, one of whom was seriously injured, after treatment were not life-threatening. That night, the Yongxiu police issued a reward notice, commitment to provide important clues directly arrested suspects, reward 50 thousand yuan. Subsequently, this amount was raised to 200 thousand yuan. Details: the suspect had several case bottom BYD reporter search found that as early as 7 years ago in 2009, "Xiong Yunshi" is suspected of murder. According to local media reports, in January 15, 2009, in Jiujiang, Yongxiu, a vicious murder. River Yongxiu County Rural Village Cadres Xiong Huanwen Jianhua and several relatives in the car to go to the town on the way, was bear Yun Shi "et al. Intercept and siege. In the process of conflict between the two sides, Xiong Huanwen died due to rescue invalid. After the incident, the 3 suspects fled the scene soon, the next day and take the initiative to the local police to surrender. 3 suspects involved in the case, there is a man called bear world". The report said, "the suspect bears the world because of theft was sentenced to last year, just released from prison less than a year. But the police found in the trial process, the bears released once again in Fuzhou crime, was Fujian police as online wanted. "After the incident, because of suspicion of intentional injury causing death, the bears shipped by prosecutors arrested." According to local media reports in Jiangxi, the world bears September 19, 2003 for robbery by the Yongxiu County People’s court sentenced to 5 years in April 1, 2010, found guilty of intentional assault by the Yongxiu County People’s court sentenced to 6 years. The villagers: "usually dare not offend him" Jian Hua village many villagers BMC reporter confirmed that the case "bears the world", which is the police killing case suspects. Jian Hua Cun Xiong Xingcun secretary told reporters BYD, the world had bears because of theft and intentional wounding was repeatedly imprisoned, after returning to medical treatment in the name, no formal work. At the time of the incident, the bear has been full. The local villagers, who do not want to be named, said Xiong Yun family has two brothers, in the village is very fierce, often a word with.相关的主题文章: