Jiangsu kendiya end of the 11 overseas tour Hu Xuefeng praised Hu Xuefeng satisfied with the team’s performance with foreign reporter Jing Zhenghua for nearly 1 months, hit the 11 warm-up matches, see the gap through the game, and to identify the direction, this is the first European tour Jiangsu kendiya basketball brief process and results. Yesterday, the team finished the last European tour warm-up match, then go to fly back to China, for the new season of CBA to do the final sprint. Before returning home, coach Hu Xuefeng said: "the overseas zipper, whether the whole team or individual players, have improved and harvest, should be said that has reached the anticipated goal." [gap] about confrontation and defense to improve the training of 26 days, Cartier men’s basketball team and from Slovenia, Russia, Czech and Turkey and other European countries, the team played 11 games, a high level of warm-up game winning and losing. Hu Xuefeng said: in such a short period of time, playing so many games, the density is relatively large, which is the body of the players is a big test, but fortunately we have come over, but also very hard." The zipper the greatest feeling, Hu Xuefeng said, "before we in Europe and the gap between the teams, mainly reflected in two aspects of physical confrontation and personal defense ability. To tell the truth, the opponent’s physical quality is better than us, defensive pressure is very strong, we can not keep up." However, Hu Xuefeng believes that the team in Europe, the main is to think through the game to find their own weaknesses, and through training to make up the gap, we did well, he said: "although each player through this trip can only improve a little, but everyone is a little higher, for the team is a big." Hu Xuefeng, the team asked each player at the end of the zipper, write a detailed summary, to deepen the experience of the European tour, and transformed into the harvest. [talk about harvest] after finding the direction to strengthen the discovery of the gap, you can identify the direction, and then strengthen. Hu Xuefeng said: this time to go to the Euler training, the team arranged to give each player a comprehensive physical examination. This examination is different from the past, the use of the most advanced instruments, the players have a comprehensive physical examination. The data and content of the report is very detailed, covering the body’s muscles, joints, etc.. After reading this report, the team will be able to know, the strength of each part of his body, back to the country, you can carry out targeted training, muscle and joint weak parts to strengthen and strengthen." In addition to physical training to identify the direction, Hu Xuefeng believes that the players on the high level of players in Europe, but also to find the psychological, mental and technical skills and other aspects of the implementation of the gap. "Where is weak, which will be strengthened to come back. After all, in Europe tour time is limited, more is to return home, to improve through training, so as to put the zipper harvest into actual effect." Hu Xuefeng said. [on] Samuels joy performed well the last few days came to Europe, foreign aid Samuels rushed to the team, and participated in the three warm-up game. Tong;相关的主题文章: