Jiangsu chief addicted to online games   corruption 7 million games recharge – people.com.cn game original title: Jiangsu chief corruption addicted to online games 7 million for the game Ding Xin is on trial for Ding Xin in the top 2 in the "journey" game characters and equipment for three years, hit 15 million in the network game on the yuan, including corruption, bribes of nearly 7 million yuan, in June this year, Jiangsu Province, Changzhou city Wujin District City Management Bureau of outdoor advertising management department of former chief Ding Xin was Changzhou City Intermediate People’s court sentenced two years imprisonment of thirteen. Fight father rich two generations easily mixed world Ding Xin, aged 38, undergraduate. He is the only child, parents is a businessman, business is quite large. In the 90s of last century, when Ding Xin went to college, mom gave his son 200 thousand yuan per school year, in addition to the moon can not be God, parents can give him. But for young people, it is not easy to come too easy. After graduating from the University of Ding Xin did not hurry to find work, doing business in Beijing with my dad playing while learning. Because he is headstrong arrogance, he often has trouble with their parents. Once, Ding Xin on behalf of his father received his hometown government officials, in the car, he said to each other: "help me find a job, do not want to mix with my father, tired!" This said to go out for a few days, there is an echo, called Ding Xin to the District Urban Management Bureau report, when the civil service. Ding Xin is the first in the Urban Management Bureau subordinate units as a middle-level cadres, then transferred to the Bureau, in the outdoor advertising management branch chief. Shortly after taking part in the work, Ding Xin married and married, and his wife was a civil servant. Soon his son was born, whether it is work or life, Ding Xin are enviable. Ding Xin doesn’t smoke or drink. From primary school to university, he is not hard working children, but the results are excellent, very smart brain. That’s why he quickly became a famous player. Online games three years, his marriage came to an end. Ding Xin said his wife and children, the family does not matter, but not on the online games is very boring, the virtual world can not get the satisfaction of reality can not meet. 6 years after the divorce, his life is the most free online games, the most crazy time, almost all his spare time on the Internet, weekends and holidays all through the night to play online games. Online games industry boss online game journey 2, the highest online players 2 million 280 thousand people, while the number of online up to 540 thousand people. But the game is to burn, strong financial resources to play. In the eyes of Ding Xin, it is a digital money, from small to large never bad money he threw the money never blinks, which he entered "Journey 2" can go all the way, beat the pack, the main advantage of "big brother went straight to the top spot". "Journey" of the 2 game player who knows the famous "Changzhou V villain" (hereinafter referred to as the villain), this is the Ding Xin in "Journey 2" net, the legendary game player, one of the chiefs of the Asia Pacific region, known as the "king of the circle". Ding Xin after the incident, the online expert combing in the "Journey 2" performance: he is "Journey 2" fully deserve a brother, games recharge 15 million yuan. In early 2012, he decided in the Asia Pacific Region相关的主题文章: