Jiang Shuying Yuan Shanshan’s charming swan neck, so you can have to practice hard maintenance of the face at the same time, don’t let the neck betrayed you, they are called girls, not only facial care properly, painted by age exquisite makeup, careful maintenance neck is also essential! They are girls Liu Shishi swan neck show elegant swan neck not barelegged still beautiful to the dregs of Jiang Shuying not only skin white translucent, high leg beauty, tight neck line more points! The fitness of Queen Yuan Shanshan was a well deserved reputation, not only has the perfect Mermaid line, neck skin is smooth and has caused. With a metal necklace can highlight the neck slender. The same fitness enthusiast Zhang Yuqi, is also easily having a long neck, properly good-looking, collocation V collar suit, long double! Slim Dongyu Zhou neck is no dry, full neck lines are the most appropriate type. With snowflakes Choker, moderate thickness of the black rope slightly under the Department, visually elongated neck lines. Not only the positive neck to look good, but also very important side of the line, Angelababy side neck very bright white. 3 bad habits, let neck lines depend on you 1 bad habits: a "bow" for a long time in the head, neck folds, imagine the skirt to sit for a long time will have creases, not to mention the skin, Zhang Yuqi don’t bow to play mobile phone! Now the phone has been an essential part of the life of adults, bow family harm not only the neck surface of this problem, especially for the cervical spine is not good. 2 bad habits two: "cold wind" cold wind blowing air conditioning room Everfount, plus dry indoor environment, a double blow, if you haven’t given neck coated with Moisturizing Firming Cream, so delicate neck skin, there will be one or two fine lines, if things go on like this, do not dare to imagine. 3 bad habits of the three: "sun baked" what? You don’t apply sunscreen on the streets, ah well, really feel young without fear? Ten years after you will be their first sunscreen and lazy and do not regret it, because the neck skin is very thin, there is no defense for ultraviolet irradiation, ultraviolet radiation can lead to degeneration of the dermal collagen, resulting in relaxation and drying. Worry about the maintenance of the face and neck, don’t let the betrayed you, they are called girls, not only facial care properly, painted by age exquisite makeup, careful maintenance neck is also essential! Simple small steps, a compact Step1: swan neck neck slightly downward sloping 2-3 cm, compact neck and both sides of the line Step2: to the left of the rotating head, jaw in the left shoulder, then you have a clear sense of the right neck, have tightened Step3: backward tilt head, the chin to the highest, to maintain the state of a few seconds, this action is to stretch according to the original route to Step4: positive neck neck returned to Step5: the second step to the right to repeat the same action, non-stop Step6: lifted up the head, chin to attention, draw a semicircle simple neck exercise will finished in the air!相关的主题文章: