The jeep hit the limit high pole pilot dead goods severing limit high pole the driver of the car accident last night when Xu 8, before the gate of Liaoning University is located near Shenyang Chongshan Road, a white SUV crashed into a SUV high speed rod bottom column limit Viaduct on the west side of the bridge, reporters rushed to the scene, the car the driver was 120 ambulance away, several police are on-site handling vehicle. Onlookers, 8 o’clock in the evening heard a loud sound of abnormal vehicle acceleration, then bang bang, look carefully, is a car traveling from west to east to the white SUV hit the limit high pole. Come near to see the car airbag with the car, the car is only a male driver, because the car’s momentum is too fierce, the front face has been badly dented, the driver was stuck in the cab deformation. After the public alarm, traffic police, 120 emergency vehicles, fire brigade arrived. Firefighters used instruments to pry open the cab door to rescue the injured, the injured were taken to hospital 120 ambulance. Reporters on the scene saw the vehicle was pulled on the trailer, the right front wheel off, the front of the car face serious damage to the deformation of the cab door has been pry marks. Near the west side of the high limit on the muddy ground, littered with some pieces of motor vehicles and the car to write the information of the parking card and other items. No blood on the ground. Subsequently, the reporter rushed to the Fourth People’s Hospital of Shenyang, the driver of the accident in the emergency room, but the medical staff said the driver had died.相关的主题文章: