Japanese media: Japanese Pension industry kept racial discrimination, "rejected the guest" – Sohu news with the surge in the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan, "Japan Penzion Plesnivec Hotel room is hard to find" the news frequently appear in newspapers. In order to alleviate the difficult problem of accommodation, the Japanese government has launched the "home" service, but also caused some sound. Japan "weekly SPA!" Article 2 23 April said, a 38 year old American man has been to more than 20 countries in the world. He felt that the Japanese Pension building walls and floors are too thin, even foreigners speak normally will bring trouble to the next. "And the B & B to the landlord was not at home when short-term rental. Japan seems to operate profit B & B, light to see if the price and the hotel is almost." The man said, for many people, really want to experience is the tourists do not often go to the countryside and the Japanese fishing village guesthouse. The American man has also encountered something that makes him feel incredible. He told SPA weekly "!" said: "the appointment of B & B, a middle-aged woman in a Nagoya B & B booking ask the nationality of the person. She speaks ill of the Koreans and the Chinese, and finally says calmly, "refusing the Asian guests."." "The middle-aged women just want to rent to Europe and the United States. I know from my friends that people like her seem to have quite a few in japan. This kind of racial discrimination, in Europe and America, is criminal." The American man added, for the Japanese Pension industry, the need to improve the relevant laws and regulations is the subject I am afraid not only so simple. Surging news () last October reported, according to Japan’s "hotel industry law", only to have the service facilities such as hotels, hotel accommodation facilities in order to obtain business license. However, recently, some of the Japanese Pension through the Internet to attract tourists, in defiance of government regulations, resulting in disputes between the landlord and the case also increased. The Japanese government is promoting "service system reform. Last September 28th, the Japanese government for the first time will be determined for foreign tourists to launch the "homestay accommodation". Tokyo Datian district will take the lead in implementing. As a "national strategic special zone", Datian enjoys relaxing policy and allows vacant houses to meet certain conditions to be rented out. Japan’s Daily News reported earlier that 133 thousand foreigners stayed in Daejeon in 2014, an increase of 45.5% over the previous year. The field area of the hotel occupancy rate is about 91%, has been operating in the region of the B & B owners reached more than 100 households. It is estimated that during the Tokyo Olympic Games, the accommodation in Datian district will be saturated, so it is urgent to add accommodation facilities with safety and hygiene conditions. In February 16th this year, OTA was born in Tokyo’s first legally recognized pension, which is from field area to become Japan’s strategic zone after the first official hostel. According to Japanese media reports, the official licensing agency is a homestay booking service "STAY JAPAN" of the enterprise, the company’s first guesthouse facilities legal status is the transformation of a 65 years old residential building, no..

日媒:日本民宿业界存种族歧视,“拒绝亚洲客人”-搜狐新闻  随着访日外国游客数量的激增,“日本旅馆酒店一房难求”的新闻频频见诸报端。为了缓解住宿难问题,日本政府正推出“民宿”服务,但却引发了另外一些声音。   日本《周刊SPA!》2月23日的一篇文章称,一位38岁的美国男子曾到过世界20个国家以上的民宿。他觉得日本民宿的建筑物墙壁和地板都太薄,就连外国人正常说话都会给隔壁带来困扰。   “欧美的民宿一般以房东不在家的时候短期出租为主。日本的民宿好像以经营获取利益为主,光看价格的话和酒店也差不多。”这位美国男子表示,对于很多外国人来讲,真正想体验的是在游客不常去的日本农村和渔村的民宿。   这位美国男子也遇到过令他感觉不可思议的事。他对《周刊SPA!》说:“在预约民宿时,名古屋某民宿的一位中年女性还要询问预约者的国籍。她尽说韩国人和中国人的坏话,最后很淡定地说‘拒绝亚洲客人’。”   “那位中年女性只想把民宿租给欧美人。我从朋友那里得知,像她那样的人在日本好像还不少。这种种族歧视的行为,在欧美可是犯罪的。”上述美国男子补充道,对于日本民宿业界,需要完善的课题恐怕不光是相关法规那么简单。   澎湃新闻()去年10月曾报道,根据日本《旅馆业法》,只有具备服务台等设施的酒店、旅馆才能获得住宿设施营业许可。然而最近,日本一些民宿通过互联网招揽游客,无视政府的规定,导致入住者与房东间发生纠纷的案例也在增多。   日本政府正在推进名宿服务制度改革。去年9月28日,日本政府首次确定将面向外国游客推出“民宿”的住宿方式。东京都大田区将率先实行。大田区作为“国家战略特区”,享有放宽政策,允许满足一定条件的空置房屋向外租住。   日本《每日新闻》此前报道显示,2014年在大田区住宿的外国人约13.3万人,比上一年增加45.5%。大田区内的酒店入住率约为91%,在区内已经经营民宿的业主达到了100户以上。预计到东京奥运会期间,大田区住宿将会饱和,因此急需增加配备具有安全性以及卫生条件的住宿设施。   今年2月16日,大田区诞生了东京第一例取得合法认定民宿,这也是自大田区成为日本战略特区以后,第一家被官方认可的民宿机构。   据日媒报道,本次获得官方正式许可的机构是一家经营民宿预约服务“STAY JAPAN”的企业,该企业旗下取得合法身份的第1家民宿设施是改造了一处已有65年筑龄的民居,第2家则是位于筑浅的高级公寓。   根据日本观光厅此前公布的数据,2015年1-10月期间,访日外国人游客数达到1631.7万人(其中中国大陆游客为428万人),相比去年同期增加了44%,预计全年将达到1900万人,离2000万人的目标近在咫尺。   随着赴日中国游客数量的激增,媒体也多次报道“中国游客挤爆日本景区,日本旅馆酒店一房难求”的新闻。另一方面,外国游客人数的增多导致日本国内住宿设施供不应求,进而可能会抬高住宿费用,对日本国民的生活出行带来较大影响。   日本共同社去年11月的报道援引一些经济团体的估算称,若放宽《旅馆业法》限制,访日外国游客人数将增加,预计游客住宿、就餐、购物等将产生10万亿日元(约合人民币5200亿元)左右的消费额,而房屋供应者为完善家具和服务的投资也有望达到1万亿日元规模。相关的主题文章: