When Japan was forced to carry the banner for the United States to save TPP Andouble: the serious situation of the original title: Japan was forced to "lead" for the United States when Andouble tried to carry the banner to save the TPP questioned cited the Global Times reported [] Japan replaced the United States TPP (trans Pacific partnership agreement) "lead"? After the Obama administration announced that it would not seek to allow Congress to pass TPP during the term, TPP has become a judge of many analysts. However, the news came from Japan, 14, said the Japanese leaders believe that this does not mean that TPP is over, must be led by the Japanese TPP early entry into force". In the United States political power alternating period, must be led by the Japanese TPP as soon as possible." 14 am, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo attended the Senate TPP special committee meeting, his position quickly caused the Japanese media attention. Japan NHK TV broadcast the first meeting of the relevant screen. At the meeting, Andouble on how to deal with the United States President elect Trump may abolish the TPP issue, not only the opposition senators have "fire", the ruling party Senator also showed a strong concern. Embarrassed, Andouble said, "it’s really a very serious situation, and to be honest, I’ve come to realize that. However, this does not mean that TPP is over, if Japan does not show their position, TPP really finished." Last week, the house of Representatives passed the TPP agreement. According to the Japanese news network reported that Andouble for this month before the end of the Senate by the admission case, making Japan’s TPP12 junior high school first to admit that the agreement states that have the TPP leadership. "Japanese economic news" 14, said, there have been TPP to participate in the country to adjust the agreement, in the absence of the United States as soon as possible to make the case for the entry into force of the TPP program. Said Guajardo, former Minister of economic affairs of Mexico, in order to be effective in the United States lack of agreement of 11 cases, the proposed adjustment clause. Right now, Abe is exploring ways to break through the plight of TPP diplomacy. One important occasion is held in Peru from 19 to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, Andouble has decided to take advantage of this opportunity to hold the TPP summit. Japan’s Jiji news agency said, Andouble believes that the 12 heads of state will convey to the world the meaning of TPP. A more critical activity is the 17 Andouble talks with Mr. Trump in New York. Japanese media said, Andouble China or take the thing, to test Trump thought of TPP. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yi Wei 14, said after the talks, Japan to promote TPP policy will not change. Why does the Andouble administration value TPP so much? Why is Japan so persistent? Not the United States, Japan can provoke the beam? Not only the outside world, there are different voices in japan. Kyushu University, Japan, a scholar said that the Andouble government so valued, first, because the Japanese economy needs to rely on TPP to get rebirth. After many years of development of the backbone industry in Japan, into the bottleneck stage, only Japan itself is difficult to solve the mode of disease and structural contradictions. Moreover, TPP includes Japan’s international political interests. Two相关的主题文章: