Japan Australia India will negotiate Chinese built overseas bases on India Ocean Security Cooperation data figure: U.S. Navy Larson No.   Japan’s Kyodo News reported on 25 February, the upcoming 26 days in Japan for the first time held in Japan, Australia and India vice ministerial level consultations, the Japanese government will recognize the focus on security cooperation in Asia Pacific area outside India ocean to strengthen cooperation. It is reported that Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, Australia and India combined with the United States to jointly cope with the four part of the strategic vision of the Chinese. Japan intends to promote dialogue with the relevant countries repeatedly implement, this idea. Kyodo said the consultation is expected to promote the South China Sea military "Chinese trends as the topic. In addition to possible talks and China seem to be surrounded by India and India ocean in advance harbor base construction problems. Consultations aimed at sharing "serious concern" (Foreign Ministry source language), communicate with each other. This is the second time the vice ministerial level consultations among the three countries, a consultation was held in India in June 2015. Japanese Foreign Affairs Officer Saiki Akita, deputy secretary of the Australian Department of foreign affairs and trade long Vagis, India’s foreign secretary Jia Ishan Carle will attend the consultation. After the two countries on the evening of 25 held in Tokyo, vice ministerial level consultations. Reported that, as the consultation frame foundation is named "security diamond concept" strategic concept put forward by Andouble. Advocate with the relevant countries to guard the United States of Hawaii, Japan, Australia and India are connected by a straight line formed by diamond region Andouble has published in the end of 2012 English papers. In January 15, 2016 the Senate Budget Committee, Andouble had this idea: emphasizing the significance of "peace, stability and navigation of India and Pacific Ocean’s freedom is not cut off each other." He said that "oil and gas resources, mostly from the Arabia sea through India ocean transportation over the sea", proposed that the channel is cooperation project. However, Australia and India joined Chinese dominated the Asian infrastructure investment bank (AIIB), the United States and Japan to give up. In the opinion of the Kyodo news agency, the attitude toward China cooperation may not exist difference, according to Japanese expectations. Recently, some foreign countries headed by the United States and Japan continue to throw China in the South China Sea, the so-called "Military" argument. In this regard, deputy director of the information bureau, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Wu Qian at a regular press conference on February 25th, China sovereignty over the South China Sea Islands and adjacent waters. The United States and Japan often accused China of "Military", we can not help but ask, many years ago in the South China Sea in individual countries illegal occupation of the islands and reefs built on the position of the missile, the radar station, the deployment of a large number of tanks, artillery, this is not to engage in "Military"? The United States as a foreign country, sent warships and military aircraft entered China on the reefs adjacent sea airspace and territorial waters, provocation and high frequency near the reconnaissance and this is not to China, "Military"? The United States to lure pressure allies and partners to engage in joint military drill in the South China Sea strong "" and "joint cruise", which is not the "Military"? The United States on the blind military action, but only on the construction of Chinese defense force legitimate groundless accusations. Can only say that this is a typical. 日澳印将磋商中国建海外基地 探讨印度洋安全合作 资料图:美国海军拉森号   日本共同社2月25日报道称,即将于26日首次在日本举行的日本、澳大利亚与印度副外长级磋商上,日本政府将确认着眼于除亚太地区外在印度洋开展安全合作加强协作。报道称,这也是日本首相安倍晋三联合日澳印与美国四国共同应对中国战略构想的一部分。日本打算与相关国家反复对话,推动这一构想的具体落实。 共同社称,磋商预计将把推进“南海军事化”的中国动向作为议题。此外还可能会谈及中国似乎为包围印度而在印度洋推进港湾基地建设的问题。磋商旨在共享“严重关切”(外务省消息人士语),进行相互沟通。 这是三国间第二次副外长级磋商,上一次磋商于2015年6月在印度举行。日本外务事务次官斋木昭隆、澳大利亚外交贸易部副秘书长瓦吉斯、印度外交秘书贾伊尚卡尔将出席磋商。此前日澳两国于25日傍晚在东京举行了副外长级磋商。 报道称,作为磋商框架基础的是安倍提出的名为“安全保障钻石构想”的战略构想。安倍曾在2012年底发表的英语论文中提倡与相关国家共同守护日本、美国夏威夷州、澳大利亚与印度以直线连接形成的菱形区域。 2016年1月15日的参院预算委员会上,安倍就这一构想的意义强调:“太平洋与印度洋的和平、稳定及航行的自由是不可相互割离的。”他表示“资源、石油及天然气大多是从阿拉伯海经过印度洋输送过来的”,提出确保海上通道也是合作课题。 不过,澳印两国加入了中国主导的亚洲基础设施投资银行(AIIB),美日则放弃加入。在共同社看来,各国的对华态度存在温差,合作也可能不按日本的期待开展。 近期,以美日为首的部分域外国家不断抛出中方在南海搞所谓的“军事化”论调。对此,中国国防部新闻局副局长、发言人吴谦上校在2月25日的例行记者会上强调,中国对南海诸岛及其附近海域拥有主权。美日等国经常指责中方搞“军事化”,我们不禁要问,多年以前南海个别国家就在其非法侵占的岛礁上修建了导弹阵地、雷达站,部署了大量坦克、火炮,这算不算搞“军事化”?美国作为域外国家,派军用舰机擅自进入中国有关岛礁邻近海空域和领海,对中国进行挑衅和高频度的抵近侦察,这算不算“军事化”?美国拉拢诱压盟国和伙伴,在南海搞针对性极强的“联合军演”和“联合巡航”,这算不算“军事化”?美方对上述军事化行为视而不见,却一味对中方合理合法的防御力量建设进行无端指责。只能说,这是一种典型的双重标准。中国军队将忠诚履行使命,坚定维护国家的主权和安全利益。相关的主题文章: