It was cold, must avoid the baby muggy syndrome – Sohu maternal cold weather, the baby away to muffle syndrome in children, three of hunger and cold, here, little to say is "cold", namely Baba Mama must avoid Infant Muggy syndrome. Muggy syndrome, also known as "baby Mongolia by hypoxia syndrome" or "Infant Muggy Syndrome", which is too warm, too long caused by suffocation baby fever, sweating, hypoxia, dehydration, convulsions coma, a common winter and acute respiratory and circulatory failure. The important thing to say three times: heat syndrome occurs in the cold season, cold season, cold season! Xiao Nan in the cold season work, often see parents hold a little meat in the clinic or emergency, small meat, nature is wrapped too tight, too strict covered too thick treasure, the little guy muggy too long, affecting the body heat, the temperature will rise sharply, to the hospital when already in high fever state. High fever? Well, the treasure is not sweating? High fever, peripheral vascular will compensatory expansion, increased sweating, will cause the metabolism of hyperthyroidism, the increase of oxygen consumption and treasure trapped in the nest, the lack of fresh air, it is easy to hypoxia. See general small meat, Xiao Nan’s first reaction is to untie, if so warm down, especially in treasure can easily lead to a series of in vivo metabolic disorders and failure. This is not to scare parents, in our medicine, mainly muggy syndrome is: in the warm after a longer period of time, with temperature rises rapidly, up to 41 to 43 DEG C, the body sweat soaked clothes, head off a lot of hot steam, pale, typical cry, refused to nurse. High heat will sweat, sweat will make a large number of water loss, the final treasure will appear dehydrated state. If the central nervous system is also dragged into the water, the treasure will often vomiting, screaming, unresponsive, eye gaze, repeated convulsions or coma. If the respiratory system to be dragged down, treasure will have difficulty breathing, respiratory rhythm or irregular apnea, and visible around the mouth and limbs cyanosis. If the heart muscle is dragged into the water, effectively reduce the amount of blood, causing myocardial damage, treasure will appear arrhythmia and cardiac dysfunction. In short, excessive heat can cause multiple organs, multi system failure, brain edema, arrhythmia, blood pressure, respiratory failure, renal failure, may also form a diffuse intravascular coagulation. Once the treatment is not timely, the most serious consequence is that treasure will suddenly died in a short time. To wear more than treasure is a pet, for parents, real love, need professional knowledge and backing. The little seen too much lest the treasure in the cold days of cold, give him wear thick, tightly wrapped, was dense, and night to sleep around or be Meng Bao Bao sleep parents, every time to remind the parents not to mind taking the trouble, stop these mistakes! There is a saying: if you want three children, hunger and cold. Over warm = induced Infant Muggy Syndrome, so cold Baba Mama taboo is:.相关的主题文章: