Top of the list again! Shanghai becomes the base of golden singles! Shanghai information life food activities welfare double eleven has not yet arrived, the news about the single dog endless, I want to know, who wants to abuse the world’s single dog? Recently, treasure net issued a "2016 single population status series report third period" things. This report focuses on the online sampling survey of 100 million members of cherished network…… And so on? One hundred million members? It’s not my fault to be single…… The report defines a new single group, dubbed the "gold singles", this single month average disposable income reached 8K+…… As a result, Shanghai you probably can only be considered "black singles"…… With the number of gold singles as the standard, Shanghai ranks first in the success, becoming the largest single city in the country! My big Shanghai, this list sounds so sad…… I have to say, even in Shanghai, the average monthly disposable income is more than 8K, after all, is a minority. In the report, we can see that the monthly average disposable income of more than 8K accounted for only 10%, 5K – 8K accounted for about 30%. This hind leg is getting longer and longer…… Before, single or noble, and now single = dog ~~Oh, No~ have fun (HIT) is, in the golden singles, the proportion of women is higher than men, in such a city like Shanghai, the economy is independent and high consumption of single women is also increasing!! It’s not for no reason, because…….. Women in the spouse of the requirements of the man can not really meet it ~ ~ 80% single women think 5K is the starting point of men’s income, this is just off the pass line. Among them, 67.06% of single women require men’s monthly income of 5k-10k, and the monthly income of over ten thousand yuan (10k-20k) is also 25.02%. Let’s calm down…… In this case, the single women in greater Shanghai, the demand for men’s income is OK, also ranked third in the country, 12065 yuan…… According to the survey, men’s demand for women is generally low, and 80% of men say that the other half of the income is below 5K and willing to accept, and there is no special requirement. Finish the material conditions, and say the non material conditions! The report shows that the single woman who considers the other person’s appearance condition "important" is nearly 70%, and they have higher requirements for men’s height and body shape. Less than 4 of the single men who pay much attention to the appearance, height and body condition of the other party. 178cm, 180cm and 175cm were the most popular among men, while women with 163cm, 168cm and 160cm were the most popular among men! To sum up, the magic King summed up. In want of monomer, must first "person money long high", which look after the connotation…… I want to fill a knife, the monthly income of 8K+ gold singles, so there are real people in Shanghai…… Oh, yes. The people who have rooms are not single. Move your fingers and inquire about traffic violations at any time! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

又是榜首!上海成为黄金单身族大本营!上海 资讯 生活 美食 活动 福利双十一还没到,关于单身狗的消息就层出不穷,我就想知道,到底是谁想虐尽天下单身狗?近日,珍爱网发布了一个叫《2016单身人群现状系列报告第三期》的东西。此报告主要针对珍爱网1亿会员的线上抽样调查……等等~一亿会员??果然单身不是我一个人的错……该报告定义了一个新的单身群体,名曰“黄金单身族”,此类单身者月平均可支配收入达8K+……这样一来,魔都君大概只能算是“黑铁单身族”了……以黄金单身族数量为标准,上海成功位居榜首,成为全国当中黄金单身族占比最多的城市!厉害了我的大上海,这个排行榜听起来莫名的忧桑啊……不得不说的是,即便是在上海,月平均可支配收入达到8K以上的毕竟是少数。在报告中可以看出,月平均可支配收入达8K以上的只占10%,5K—8K的占比30%左右。这个后腿是越拖越长了……以前,单身=贵族,而现在,单身=狗~~Oh,No~有(打)趣(击)的是,在黄金单身族中,女性的占比竟高于男性,在上海这样的城市,经济独立且消费能力高的单身女性也日趋增多!!这一切,不是没有原因的,因为……女性在择偶中对男方的要求,能满足的还真不多呢~~超八成单身女性认为5k是男士收入的起点,这只是脱单及格线。其中,67.06%的单身女士要求男士的月收入在5k-10k,而要求月收入超万元(10k-20k)的也有25.02%。让魔都君冷静一下……这之中,阿拉大上海的单身女性对男士的收入要求就还好了,也就排在全国第三的位置,12065元……调查中称,男性对女性的收入要求普遍比较低,八成的男士表示另一半收入低于5k也乐意接受,并无特别要求。说完物质条件,再说说非物质条件!报告中显示:择偶时认为对方的外貌条件“很重要”的单身女士近七成,她们对男士的身高和体型有较高的要求。非常重视对方外貌条件和身高体型条件的单身男不足4成。178cm、180cm和175cm的男性最受女性欢迎,163cm、168cm和160cm的女性最受男性欢迎!综上所述,魔都君总结了一下。在上海想要脱单,首先得“人美钱多长得高”,这之后再看内涵……弱弱地补刀一句,月收入8K+是黄金单身族,那么在上海有房的人……噢,对了~有房的人一般都不单身~动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: