It is the world’s most deep color, but this does not affect its delicious food and drink on small baking – Sohu chick hard to find so many purple food ~ can be said that the world food is not much ah purple and purple, black can exist in any corner of the world but not necessarily you can eat the rumors, black foods are the blood is not difficult to understand that black foods are relatively rare rare is thin, thin is odd but also black food is not really the blood and let the small girl baked first check on astronomy and geography can tell the Oh, the protagonist who is black? What was the first black food you thought? The little girl thought is fragrant baked dead is not responsible for the black sesame black sesame saw Ah ~ eyes will shine! To a few days ago Xiaobei girl accidentally made several black sesame chiffon and several Black Sesame Cookies and all eating light (?????.????)? The black sesame in addition to do Glutinous Rice Balls outside but also what dessert? Egg 3 low sugar milk powder 60g 50g 80g corn oil 23g black sesame 40g practice: 1, with half of the milk will dilute the sesame paste, egg yolk protein from 2, were put into anhydrous oil-free clean bowl 3, egg yolk, sesame paste, powder, low milk and corn oil mixture to the egg yolk paste 4, protein sugar sent to 8-9, which is a rigid foam 5, protein three times by adding egg yolk paste, stir and mix well with the 6 methods, the cake batter slowly poured into the mold, light two earthquake, earthquake, 7 large air bubbles into the bottom of the oven on the tender, under the fire of 150 degrees bake 35 minutes (without preheating) 8, remove and cool, with a simple surface is very beautiful ~ natural black sesame Chiffon Cake, add chocolate embellishment, is a super cute. Decorated cake ~ Black White Chocolate Almond Chocolate 20g 40g 2 practices: 1, the chocolate water melted, baked with a little girl love chocolate pastry bag fitted up sealed, and then thrown into the water, as long as 10 minutes to OK 2, at the bottom of Chiffon Cake on white chocolate spread on the 12 of the cake in 12 draw 3, 2 eyes with dark chocolate to the pupil, beard and nose, and then draw the pattern in the body 4, finally put on two almonds finished ~ flavor cookies recipe you can familiar with the amount of speculation black sesame cooked, baked small girl after they have more love to add crushed, guys ~ China said completely unable to stomach this refusal, early in the morning a cup of hot Soybean Milk must only cool ah! Black sesame natural and ultimately with the sweet waxy hemp with, of course, this formula is not entirely hemp, nor is it entirely ice cream, but both have ~ both mutual!相关的主题文章: