Irena Matsui after graduating from the premiere of the movie "it" – participating film Sohu Sohu Irena Matsui entertainment entertainment news (compiled Domino) will determine the new director Sakai Mai’s new film "guidance of former SKE48 member Irena Matsui day before it (provisional translation)" played the role, which she also appeared for the first time the movie theater after graduation. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama "it" is a picture when the girl actress wanted to meet different people in the mother died, to grow the story of the film, fantastic story, Irena Matsui in the play is the heroine is fragrant nai the coffee shop manager, she will lead actress find direction in the fate is unbelievable, the main character of the story. Irena Matsui said, the director Sakai Mai is only 25 years old but has no small reputation, and work with their own age with the director got a lot of stimulus. Director Sakai Nori said that Irena Matsui is very studious, in the studio a curious problem does not understand, quick questions, shooting very dedicated, is a very good actor, the former idol pingjiapogao.相关的主题文章: