IPhone 7 Plus RAM increased to 3GB, and is equipped with the best technology Sohu CPU- [Technews] new technology according to the GeekBench, perhaps in order to double lens imaging processing, iPhone 7 Plus RAM will be upgraded to 3GB, while the overall performance will exceed A9X equipped with 12 inch iPad Pro, Apple’s mobile devices become the best performance the. In fact, the performance of Apple’s SoC has always been able to do the most powerful mobile processor in a single core, but consider the deployment of multi-core work, since iPhone 4S, both conservative use of dual core. However, just launched iPhone 7 processor A10 Fusion, it is apple since 2011, and then increase the number of cores, came to the core of the 4. But strictly speaking, A10 Fusion is actually 2 + core, where the performance of the two energy saving, compared to the previous generation A9 only consumes about 15 of the electricity, while the main core of the is faster than A9 on the 40%. GeekBench also pointed out that in the test run, in fact A10 Fusion only use two core, A10 seems to be for the first time using the ARM Big.Little architecture, according to different situations using call CPU. And this should also be the reason why Apple A10 in the back of the Fusion. As for the run of results, run A10 Fusion single core points to 3233, and there are 5363 nuclear tests in two, are beyond the original 12 inch iPad Pro (4GB RAM), become Apple’s current best mobile device performance. In addition, in fact, the performance of A10 Fusion is also beyond the flagship processor of a public Android vendors, mobile CPU has become the best performance. Interestingly, iPhone 7 is currently the iPhone since the advent of the 9 anniversary. Compared with the original iPhone, the performance of A10 Fusion has reached 120 times the first generation. Note: processor performance is tested with GeekBench 4 standard. (source: Apple homepage) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews science news furtherreading:相关的主题文章: