IOS calendar ads – fix digital Sohu not to mind taking the trouble, a recently upgraded iOS  10 iPhone users, is not even found the calendar will pop-up ads, even Mac users feel the same. To see this situation to pay attention, because your apple Apple  ID has been leaked. When you receive a push spam, that criminals are invited to send a loophole, the associated Apple  ID mailbox; lead, although these ads will not cause Apple  ID stolen, but could not be deleted. Solution: remove Calendar Sync when we receive these ads, usually offer several options, such as below this spam, provides, may accept, reject the three option, we automatically will click the reject option, that it can Everything will be fine. This does not allow you to get rid of the spam problem, but will confirm to each other that this mailbox is bound Apple  ID mailbox, then the other party will be more frequent to send these spam ads. Do we really have to be bothered by such spam? In fact, there are still ways to solve. First of all, we can open the system [set], click on the [iCloud] Click close the calendar synchronization (you can also keep the calendar can also be removed from the archive). So, we can say "good-bye" and these spam, but even closed calendar synchronization, iCloud  calendar will receive the message, so just make the sight for the net. Close the sync calendar of course, we can also use the computer to complete the operation, first open the web version of iCloud [iCloud], open the calendar, and then click on the lower left corner of the gear system preferences [] [] Click advanced, and received the invitation set instead of directly sent to the mailbox, and then open the mailbox set the  , open the mailbox; spam filtering, this email will automatically help us to filter out useless messages, will not let them appear in the calendar. System preferences two solutions: the replacement of Apple  ID associated mailbox due to the widespread use of QQ and micro-blog, in general, all domestic users may use the two priority mail Apple  ID registration, and received the most spam reason is due to the use of QQ registered mail Apple  ID lead. If you want to put an end to spam, we can change the Apple , ID associated QQ mailbox, or cancel the current mailbox, use the new mailbox login. Modify the associated mailbox safe turn off the iPhone search course, if Apple ID unfortunately leaked, in order to prevent hacking your mobile phone remote lock and erase data, in the cancellation of ID to replace the mailbox, should first.相关的主题文章: