The inventory of Smartisan OS highlights, why it is the deepest hammer fans proud – Sohu technology geeks Park: geekpark Smartisan OS Smartisan micro signal OS as the hammer powder the most important capital to show off, has been the very core competitiveness of mobile phone hammer. In a lot of rational hammer pink hearts, while Smartisan OS and Luo feelings may be the soul of the hammer mobile phone, according to the depth of customization Android mobile phone operating system OS has been a very special existence. On the one hand, insist on the quasi physical style, squares, etc. sixteen grids may look slightly in this era of misfits; on the other hand, more attention to user experience, constantly piling details, the pursuit of perfection, let Smartisan OS users to a certain extent the happiness of mobile phone users. In any case, like, can not be denied that the Smartisan OS as an operating system to bring too much inspiration to the industry, the repair of countless years of ignoring the details of the experience. So, today for you to check the hammer powder of pride, the system has inspired Smartisan OS in layer optimization, from far to near from big to small, from Smartisan OS v1.3 to the latest Smartisan OS 3.1, this is a hammer for the intelligent mobile phone operating system unique contribution. The creation of innovative user experience has a lot of operational and technological innovation has a "irreversible" characteristics, once used it is difficult to go back. Smartisan OS version of the past has been doing well in this area, creating a lot of people can not do without the function, the user experience from a lot of fundamental refresh. Timing mute in the open mute mode, you can set the silent countdown. You can according to the needs of the scene, set the length of the silence, the end of the countdown will automatically turn off the mute mode, to prevent you forget to turn off the mute mode, and miss important calls or notifications. In the screenshot screenshot rolling operations support, Smartisan OS has been in the forefront. For this high frequency just need, the ages of Smartisan OS are very seriously. Scroll screenshot Smartisan OS can automatically scroll the screen for screenshots and automatically assembled into a long chart. Long press "Home" key + the power button can be exhaled screenshot enhancement option, click the "rolling" screenshots to enable this feature. In edit mode, you can also drag and drop the upper and lower edges of the preview window to select the desired range. Although the system is not the original global hammer, but it is also Smartisan OS by improving the iOS side of a similar app features and bring it into the eyes of Android users. Global phrase,相关的主题文章: