Electronic products into the teaching planning controversial experts say the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of original title: electronic products into the teaching of controversial experts: the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, sparse is better than blocking "no matter whether you love it or not, the electronic products will be a comprehensive reform of education system." George Lucas, founder of American Education Foundation George Lucas sentence point out new opportunities brought by Internet technology, and the main task of which is China’s current education reform. In June this year, the Ministry of Education issued a "education information" 13th Five-Year "plan" notice (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "plan"), clearly pointed out that information technology has become a national strategy. Education informatization is to usher in a major historical development opportunities, "13th Five-Year" period will comprehensively promote education informatization transformation. However, the birth process and any new things as arduous and tortuous, education informationization transformation have encountered many problems. Now, whether the child should contact the electronic products, how to balance the relationship between children and electronic products, become a puzzle to many parents and teachers, has become the education informationization transformation must be faced with the problem. Reduce the burden and improve the efficiency of electronic products to make teaching easier "planning" pointed out that the 60 million students have passed the "network learning space", explore new teaching and learning and teaching mode under the network condition. In this process, electronic products become an important carrier of the new teaching model and an indispensable part of the transformation of educational information. In fact, with the development of technology, electronic products play a more and more important role in the teaching process. From the initial with repeater, Walkman, electronic dictionary to learn oral English, listening, memorizing words, now through the computer, IPad, mobile phone, listen to teacher lectures, homework tutoring, and foreigners dialogue with the students, interaction, learning style and make electronic products increasingly rich content, learning efficiency is more and more high, to promote the integration of the depth of information technology and teaching. The author also found in the visit, a lot of public schools, has made use of electronic products, the realization of intelligent network operations. For example, some schools in Beijing, teachers, students and parents with the help of electronic products, through a "work together", to finish the homework assignments, homework, examination, and timely communication, find the problems in study. In addition, the software can also use big data and intelligent algorithms to analyze the weak points of knowledge reflected in the work of students, targeted to promote learning content and test topics. In the interview, one parent told the author, by working together with the children, usually takes about 15 minutes to complete the work, website and eye reminders, homework time, parents can also understand the synchronous learning report. In addition, this software has PC side also has APP side, can be operated on the computer and mobile phones, very convenient, the child has a great enthusiasm for learning. This new teaching mode, both to reduce the burden of teachers, improve students’ learning efficiency, but also promote the intelligent and personalized learning, truly individualized to promote the success of the process of education informationization. Children use electronic products is the key to grasp the 2相关的主题文章: