The international market forced domestic price of natural gas market reform pressure pipeline company merge split (Figure) – Sohu securities reporter Heqing reported in Shanghai with international LNG continuous supply of surplus, more and more investors believe that LNG prices have been controlled by the buyer’s market. Executive vice president of Hiroki Sato August 23rd energy company Jera Co said: "by 2020 there will be 40 million to 50 million tons of LNG" ", they may be homeless; will be transported to any place, also could not find any fixed buyers. Homeless LNG offers a great opportunity to improve liquidity in Asia and the global market." Www provides data show that the first half of 2016, Chinese LNG market for the supply of 5 million 570 thousand tons, an increase of 14%, while in 2015 the annual growth rate of 38%. Among them, the domestic LNG supply capacity of 3 million 480 thousand tons, an increase of 9%, LNG receiving station tanker shipments of 2 million 90 thousand tons, an increase of 24%. Data show that the first half of the LNG market demand growth fell significantly. According to estimates, in the first half of 2016, LNG market consumption is lower than the second half of 2015, is expected in full year LNG market consumption growth in the vicinity of 15% in the year of 2016. The first half of 2016, China’s LNG market price of 3096 yuan per ton, compared with the first half of 2015 the average price fell by $1103 tons. LNG market is expected to continue to run low in the second half, the annual average price of less than 3000 yuan. In such a context, the national development and Reform Commission issued a "natural gas pipeline transportation price management approach (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "management measures" ") and" natural gas pipeline transportation pricing cost supervision and examination methods (for Trial Implementation) "(hereinafter referred to as" the office "law" draft for public comment). Deputy director of the Policy Research Office of the oil Wang Zhen that, since 2014, the state has promulgated the "oil and gas pipeline network facilities open and fair regulatory measures (Trial)", "natural gas infrastructure construction and operation management measures" and a number of programmatic documents and gradually implemented in the pipeline, LNG receiving station operation and management began to accept supervision. But there is still a greater distance from the fully market-oriented operation. Is expected to "13th Five-Year" period, access terms, transportation service service price and service quality will be the focus of reform and progress in the implementation of supervision, storage and transportation facilities transport export business separation is decided to reform the key factor of success. The price reform started according to the introduction, compared with the existing pipeline transportation price management, "management measures" and "going to" mainly do the following: one is to adjust and improve the adjustment of the price regulation, pipeline transportation to enterprises as the object of regulation, different pricing. The two is to clear the new pricing method, in accordance with the "permit cost plus a reasonable profit" principle, based on the approved permission costs, through the regulatory pipeline transportation enterprises permitted return, to determine the annual total income, and to determine the price of pipeline transportation. Three is the price of the specific cost of the specific standards, not included in the cost of pricing is also clear相关的主题文章: