The international anti-terrorism needs a new "prescription" — military — 15 years ago today, the world trade center in New York "Petronas Twin Towers" collapsed, shocked the United States and the world. "9. 11" incident, has become a turning point in the international fight against terrorism, the formation of a unified understanding of the world, strengthened the determination of the international community to combat terrorism. 15 years later, the New World Trade Center building has been rebuilt on the ruins, but people’s pain has not yet healed, the global anti-terrorism is still a long way to go. Not only did not weaken the trend of terrorism, but intensified, becoming a major threat to the world. An overview of the whole world, Africa is increasingly become a terrorist disaster, South Asia terrorism strong recovery, the Central Asian anti-terrorism situation is increasingly grim, terrorist activities in southeast England, Germany, a stirring among the dry bones, France, Belgium and other European countries in recent years has become the main target of terrorist attacks. If cancer cells like terrorism in the world within the body of the growth and spread of terrorism, "globalization" and "localization" of "fragmentation" "network" of the new trend of the international fight against terrorism has entered a new stage. The spread of extremist ideology, ethnic conflicts, immigration into problems, terrorists, terrorist attack and return of the lone wolf, has become the international anti-terrorism pain points and difficulties. In the "9 – 11" incident occurred today, after 15 years, people can not help but reflect on and ask again: how should the international community to deal with the increasingly severe anti-terrorism situation, how to get out of the fear of the "anti -" cycle? A person with breadth of vision had bluntly pointed out that some years in holding high the banner of anti-terrorism anti-terrorism stage, not anti-terrorism as a simple goal, instead of holding the "anti-terrorism self serving" psychological egoism, pragmatism and hold high the banner, in the strategic cooperation of spent force "in the camp" quite distinct from each other, in the actual operation "," the alliance will fight the enemy separately "into the" long "terrorism", even in a state or "hostage" anti terrorist coalition fate. In fact, these countries take the current anti-terrorism measures on terrorism "cancer is not an antidote against the disease". If not to change policy, the growth and spread of terrorism can only create more opportunities and space. In the face of the increasingly serious new situation of anti-terrorism, the international community needs to come up with a new prescription for the treatment. The global fight against terrorism to achieve collapsed, first of all to abandon the Cold War mentality and "double standards", adhere to the comprehensive means of political, diplomatic, economic, security, finance, information, ideas and other areas, to eradicate terrorism soil; secondly, we should strengthen cooperation of regional and global scale, improve the cooperation mechanism, fully play the leading role of the United Nations in international anti-terrorism, the establishment of the united front of international terrorism; third, terrorism is a protracted war and psychological warfare, to make a long-term and arduous struggle thought preparation. Terrorism has become the world security challenges currently facing the most severe and urgent, no country can be spared. In the face of terrorism cancer, only to abandon the "camp, less selfish ideas and personal considerations" consciousness, strengthen national unity and cooperation, to identify the root cause, an antidote against the disease can be eradicated. (Wang Yachen Xin Jianqiang) (Intern:   commissioning editor Wang Lujia, Cao Kun)相关的主题文章: