Interim Measures of Tianjin network about the car business service management (Draft) – Interim Measures of Beijing Tianjin city network booking taxi business service management (Draft) Article 1: [] theme of the city to regulate the network booking taxi business services, to better meet the diverse public demand for travel, security operation safety and legitimate rights and interests of passengers, according to the "Office of the State Council on deepening the reform of the taxi industry to promote the healthy development of guidance", "network booking taxi management service management procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), "Tianjin city on deepening the reform of the taxi industry to promote the healthy development of the implementation of opinions" and other related the laws and regulations of the relevant provisions, combined with the actual city, the enactment of this interim measures. Article second [scope of application] in the city administrative region of the network booking taxi (hereinafter referred to as the network about the car) business services and related administrative management, in addition to abide by the "measures", but also should comply with the interim measures. The net about the car service business interim measures, refers to the Internet is based on the technology of building service platform, integration of supply and demand information, meet the conditions of the use of vehicles and drivers, providing non cruise booking taxi services business activities. The interim measures referred to as network booking taxi operators (hereinafter referred to as the network about car platform operators), refers to the construction of a network service platform, engaged in the network about the car business services. Third [development principles] the city adhere to give priority to the development of urban public transport, the appropriate development of the taxi, in accordance with the principle of high-quality services, differentiated management, orderly development of the network about cars. Administrative departments of transportation, in conjunction with the relevant departments according to the development of taxi, considering the level of economic development, the taxi mileage utilization and city traffic congestion and other factors, the establishment of network capacity about the car dynamic adjustment mechanism. Fourth [tariff] the city network about the freight market price adjustment, if necessary, the implementation of government guidance price. Fifth [Department duties] city traffic administrative department in charge of the city’s network about car management. City passenger traffic management agencies responsible for the specific management of the city’s network about the car, the district transportation administrative department under the leadership of the people’s government at the same level, responsible for the administrative area of the network about the specific management of the car. City public security, human resources and social security, development and reform, communication, taxation, market supervision, network information, commerce, industry, people’s Bank of China Tianjin branch and other departments in accordance with their respective duties, on the net about the car business behavior related to the implementation of supervision and inspection, and the illegal acts in accordance with the law. The second chapter is about the car network business license sixth [] online service qualification registered in the administrative area of the city for about in the net car business, by the administrative departments of transportation, communication, information technology, in conjunction with the municipal public security, tax, net letter, the people’s Bank and other relevant departments, according to the Ministry of transport etc. the seven sector "on the net for about car business online service ability of network identification and management service car about things in the post supervision notice" provisions of the online service ability for the identification, who meet the conditions, should be issued online service.相关的主题文章: