Intensive reading: scientific verification Pu’er Tea effect and the Sohu: South beauty tea trees tea "Moon" in 2008 [synopsis] folk Pu’er Tea treatment of migraine, colds, hypertension and other diseases, today, with the improvement of living standards, composition of science and technology team, around Pu’er Tea health effect of carrying out a series of research work, and strive to study scientific, rigorous and objective. It mainly includes: the effect of lowering blood fat, reducing the effect of Pu erh tea, anti oxidation effect of Pu erh tea and anti fatigue effect of Pu Erh tea. [Pu erh tea hypolipidemic effect], a high risk of hyperlipidemia caused by coronary heart disease. According to epidemiological studies, the number of deaths caused by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases every year in China is about 2 million 600 thousand, ranking first in all kinds of causes of death. At the same time, easy to induce acute pancreatitis, and acute pancreatitis is one of the critical. In addition, high blood fat can lead to fatty liver. Research report two, subject Pu’er Tea hypolipidemic effect the conclusion: for the treatment and prevention of Pu’er Tea test and adjusting blood lipid test research group has carried out three experiments, obtained the similar results, and ripe Pu’er tea has good effect on lowering blood lipid, refer to Figure 1-1, 1-3, superior tea down the blood lipid effect of ripe tea, Pu’er tea is more significant effect of overall evaluation. [read] a lot of medical experiments proved Pu’er Tea has hypolipidemic effect, however, how to drink in order to maximize the efficacy of reducing blood fat, therefore, users have a detailed list of tea list: Pu’er Tea has hypolipidemic effect, but cannot replace drug treatment, should be more active in maintaining normal drinking at the same time, eat less greasy food, good habits, will have a healthy body. The definition of obesity is a common nutritional disorder, refers to the excessive storage of human fat. Often shown as an increase in weight, exceeding the corresponding standard weight for height. Two, the weight of the weight of the weight of obese people are quietly added, there will be no feeling of weight. However, the added weight will make people afraid of the heat, sweating, fatigue, joint pain, sluggishness, drowsiness etc.. Obesity is also health killer, can fight a series of diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.. Research report three, subject Pu’er Tea slimming effect conclusion: found in this experiment, Pu’er tea and ripe tea can inhibit and prevent high fat diet induced obesity. (Figure 4-1, 4-5). [] in the comparative study of extended reading Pu’er Tea and Black Tea Tieguanyin, effect, we also found that Pu’er tea, Tieguanyin and Black Tea have the effect of weight loss, while the Pu’er tea is more significant. (Figure 4-8, 4-9). Began to drink tea in half an hour after the proposal to drink, weight loss success, should continue to maintain the habit of drinking tea, to ensure that weight does not rebound. Note: 1 disabled snack, three meals a day, "quasi quantitative相关的主题文章: