Inner Mongolia Zhenglanqi death birds examination finds: human caused by the new administration network – Inner Mongolia concern Zhenglanqi migratory bird deaths announced inspection report, according to the inspection report issued by the Inner Mongolia authority inspection institutions show that the infection has been ruled out the possibility of disease death. Submission of samples detected in dead migratory birds (g g Budweiser Budweiser is high toxic pesticides), initially identified as caused by human poaching administration, is a criminal case. The Ministry of public security has set up a task force on the basis of the existing investigation clues to further expand the scope of visits to the surrounding herdsmen investigation, investigation confirmed, stepped up detection work. The local authorities, further arrangements for field control, dead body harmless treatment and ecological environment monitoring work, and expand the scope of the warning area, strengthen the guard force, prevent people and animals close to, and take effective measures to avoid accidents continue to drive away birds. At present, the local has issued "on the emergency notice" against the destruction of wild animal resources and products of illegal transactions of the special action, urged all localities to quickly organize investigation activities, strengthen inspections of key habitat for migratory birds, identify problems and timely investigation report. Organization of food and drug administration, industry and commerce, forestry, forest and other public security departments to conduct joint law enforcement inspection of food and agricultural markets, once found illegal trading of wild animals and their products, according to the law severely dealt with. In October 19th, after death events, migratory birds Zhenglanqi of Inner Mongolia Zhagesi Taiwan hematoxylin estblishing Nur so far, found a total of 259 dead birds, the Little Swan 233, mallard 26, is the two national animal protection. (CCTV reporter Li Bing, Daniel Chan)相关的主题文章: