Infant rearing home after difficult to read "total two children" forced social service – Beijing in 2010 promulgated the "national long-term education program (2010 ~ 2020)", has put forward the basic universal preschool education. Pay attention to 0-3 years old infant education." Points out in the outline. The construction of public service system in early education, become the outline of the proper meaning. Reporter Chen Lei reporter Chen Jiayun intern newspaper over the weekend, Ms. Lee, who lives in Beijing City, Haidian District, once again because of education of the children and her mother broke out a war". Two generations of children in the concept of education is too large." Ms. Lee told the "Legal Daily" reporter, but looked at his belly bulge, let the mother-in-law back home had to stop. Ms. Lee sounded very sad: because she and her mother look after Dabao, Dabao will quarrel constantly, until sent to a private kindergarten, mother back home before the end of two; treasure after the birth of their working time, must by the mother care, don’t boil again to two treasure to the kindergarten? Lee can not help but sigh, the child early education before kindergarten, can only be borne by the family? Experts told the "Legal Daily" reporter interviewed believe that our past is the idea that infant rearing was a family affair by the family alone, but now the concept is being converted, except family upbringing, there should be a corresponding public service. To this end, China’s urgent need to introduce relevant systems to make up for this gap. Raising children as "tightrope" Ms. Lee and her mother’s "war" stems from the problem of the children eat lunch. The day is the weekend, in preschool children get up late, breakfast was almost 10 o’clock, because there is a football class in the afternoon, her mother to 12 had a good lunch. "It’s time for dinner. We’ll go to school after dinner." At noon, Lee has been sitting on the table to the children who are playing with toys shouted. "Mom, I’m not hungry." The child Touyebutai, selfish play. Worried that the children are hungry in the afternoon when the class did not eat, Ms. Lee while eating continue to urge the child, but the child is still playing. The child’s grandmother to see Ms. Lee’s face more and more serious, quickly carrying a bowl of rice to go before the grandson, to feed the grandson. Look at all this, Ms. Lee’s fire broke out suddenly: Mom, the child can not be so accustomed to, there are hands and feet to eat their own." "I’m not used to it. The baby is not hungry……" "Mom, you are not used to it? Do not eat to the point of the meal, since he is still playing with toys, playing football if hungry how to do." Ms. Lee High voice. Finally, because Lee was pregnant with two children, between two people to stop quarrel. Memories of the past few years the day, Ms. Lee was helpless. She is a 80 after working in a large private enterprises, and then met the current husband, the two married, bought a house, a quiet and happy life. However, this kind of life is broken because of the children. In 2011, their first child was born. After maternity leave, in order to continue to work, Ms. Lee agreed"相关的主题文章: