Nintendo Switch lock industry broke the news release in March 17th next year according to the industry Laura Kate Dale broke the news, Nintendo’s new host Switch in the Pacific release date is tentatively scheduled for March 17, 2017, Japan release date should be slightly ahead. And she stressed: Nintendo Switch does not lock area. Nintendo Switch Kate host Laura Dale said, this news comes after the Switch first trailer released before the official dates revealed to her, so she is very confident for the message. It is worth mentioning that, Monster Hunter XX on sale date for March 18th, due to the launch date and Switch rely on very close, so many players guess the game will be landing Switch platform. But Laura Kate Dale in twitter, said she has not received the relevant information, so this can not be confirmed. Insiders Laura Kate Dale broke the news at the same time, she once again stressed that, at present, all sources have said that Switch does not lock area. Nintendo will host the release of the Switch will be held in January 13, 2017, will be released when the new host hardware specifications, prices, starting games and more details. In addition, they will also be held in Tokyo in January 14th and January 15th Switch experience, let the game player can be in the official release before the new host. The company is expected before the end of the new host in March shipments to reach 2 million units. As for the price, Nintendo will continue to adopt hardware profit policy, but also listen to consumer feedback to determine the final pricing. (source: ali213 editor: Sen) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: