India is a large tomb monuments revitalized – Beijing [global network reported] according to the CNN reported on September 19th, India is located in central India Hyderabad City, a revision to show the Islamic history of a Wang Shi tomb – Qutb Shahi tomb – tower, if completed, this may be the future of India second as the great historic treasures of Taj Mahal. A monument on the edge of Hyderabad large green space stand, these monuments and Islamic style etched with a concentric decoration. Here is the Qutb Shahi tower – the rest of the family, the family has ruled India in 16 and seventeenth Century in southern region of Hyderabad Kangda Ge empire for 169 years. However, when the Qutb Shahi tower – after the days, erosion of their family monument has been forgotten and by time. But now, the government of India has begun to renovate the tomb. Qutb Shahi – tower historical relics park contains 75 monuments, covers an area of 108 acres (about 437 thousand square meters). India plans to use ten years to rebuild the park, reproduce the original Royal glory. The leader of the project organization Ajiahan Cultural Foundation Trust said the India cemetery is able to show one of the most important part in the history of Islamic relics. These monuments are not the main tourist attractions in the past. Foundation spokesman said the hope that after the restoration and reconstruction, the number of visitors to the park to grow ten times. It is reported that the reconstruction project started in 2013, including the reconstruction and maintenance of each monument. The project is expected to take millions of hours to complete. Although the initial project of the reconstruction project was not completed in early 2018, visitors could still visit the completed part of the project. Internship compile: Zhang Xin review: Tan Liya)相关的主题文章: