India abolished two large amounts of paper money have no small impact on neighboring countries in the new network in Kathmandu on 11 November, (reporter Zhang Chenyi) India recently announced the end of two the old version of the high value of currency circulation, have no small influence in Nepal, Bangladesh and other neighboring countries. India’s prime minister Modi announced the 8 night, to fight against corruption and money laundering, the current 500 and 1000 rupee denomination banknotes shall become invalid from 8 midnight. Nepalese Rupee from 1993 to maintain a fixed exchange rate with the India rupee. The day before, the Reserve Bank of India has been to the Central Bank of Nepal request, hope to provide details of the circulation in Nepal financial system inside the 500 and 1000 India rupee denomination. According to Garner, head of the central bank’s foreign exchange administration in London, the introduction of Nepal, the right track in the financial system in Nepal has about 35 million rupees in the currency of the currency of 500 and 1000 denomination in India. Previously, Nepalese citizens were allowed to hold the value of not more than 25000 rupees above the India currency of the two denominations. Due to the economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries are more frequent, therefore, the Nepalese people have a higher amount of these two denominations of India currency. Especially in the border areas, some Nepalese will store large amounts of India rupees, in response to the need to buy goods to India. Under the modi government policy adjustments, there are traders involved in the Indian economy has been submitted to the India Embassy in Nepal, hoping to ensure that the handle of the abandoned money on hand. There are reports that, before the ban, the lawless elements in some cities in Pakistan printed counterfeit currency in India, and by smugglers through Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries to enter India. India officials believe the ban is expected to curb this trend. Before December 30th, people can take the old money to the bank for new money. Another of India’s neighboring Bangladesh, the central bank has started to understand the relevant situation of the India ban, the introduction to the next step. A senior bank official said: "we have come into contact with different banks, including branches of the National Bank of India in bangladesh." Some of the OTC markets in Bangladesh have also stopped trading with the India rupee. Bangladesh businessmen engaged in Bangladesh and India business dealings, as well as Nepalese businessmen, daily operations are subject to some restrictions. In addition, some want to go to India to treat cancer and other major diseases of Bangladesh citizens are also not a small impact. Although the India government ordered the hospital to continue to receive the 500 and 1000 India rupee denomination, but India’s private hospitals do not carry out this policy, if the patient can not use 100 and below the denomination of the India rupee payment, they will refuse to provide medical services for the. (end)相关的主题文章: