In the Thailand people and the people of Yunnan Bhumibhol Beijing condolence news agency in October 14 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Hu Yuanhang) Thailand’s King Bhumibhol? Adu’s death, not only let the Thai people also make known his China people in distress. 14, many people involved in Yunnan Thailand, Yunnan Thai institutions and people traveled to Kingdom of Thailand Consulate General in Kunming Bhumibhol. On the day of condolence activities from 12 when starting at noon, Consulate General in a condolence hall. The front office before Bhumibhol’s condolences and a filled with elegant flowers. A crowd in a continuous line in Queensland, with the Thailand Thailand government agencies, students and business work in Yunnan, the Thai people, but also Yunnan government departments, representatives and the public, and the Burma Consulate General in Kunming. Bhumibhol is not only the king, but also the father." A student at the Yunnan University students in Thailand Natthamon Pongpairoj in the process of waiting for the condolence, repeatedly tears. She said that the students in Kunming, Thailand, the Consulate General to hold a memorial service after all have to go, we will always remember our king, always love him". Student Sasithorn Keawmuy told reporters that the news of the death of the king of Thailand, Chinese teachers and friends have expressed their grief and concern, so that everyone was deeply moved. While in Yunnan, but also express to mourn black clothing etc.. "Thai family, we will always be good neighbors and good friends." Yunnan international television channel staff Zhu and colleagues came to mourn Bhumibhol. She said, Thai people for the king of Thailand is heartfelt gratitude and love, as a good neighbor of the Thai people, we are also sad. I hope to accompany the way and their common condolences." Ma Junling, chairman of the Yunnan Provincial Association for the promotion of industrial development in Southeast asia. He said, "after the news of the death of the Thai king, the mood is very heavy, because he is a person who is respected by the people. Last night, many of our Chinese entrepreneurs and students in Thailand also cried all night. One is we have great respect for the people of Thailand is the two king, we feel empathy." Yunnan and Thailand are close neighbors, traditional friendship has a long history. The 2012 Yunnan earthquake in Zhaotong, the Thailand government donations to the earthquake stricken areas of 5 million baht equivalent to about 1 million yuan. (end)相关的主题文章: