In the end what have been very good in the improved version of the host? [Sina game compiler reproduced please indicate the source] in a host’s life cycle, the introduction of the shape of the re design and functional improvement of the host is not new. Most of the time can even make an original and not so popular host back, others can make the original sales very good host icing on the cake. Recently Xbox One S officially released, SONY’s PS4 Slim has also been exposed, just a good opportunity to review the improved version of the host. Foreign media Kotaku also lists the best in their minds in the history of the improved version of the host, as well as some of the worst in the history of the improved host. The best host NES TOP LOADER modified version release date: 1993 price: $49.95 NES TOP LOADER in 1993, the host war entered a white hot stage, game player are hesitated between Nintendo and Sega is not set. Although at that time the 16 machine has been available, but Nintendo has launched the NES (American version FC) improved version of TOP LOADER. Compared to the original shape of NES image to smooth the heavy founder, has been plagued by many of the old version of the NES cassette reading game player has also been improved. Not to mention the bone shaped new handle. A modified version of GBA SP – Best PSP sale time: 2003 price: $99.99 after GBA SP bought GB lamp countless big ass in the game player, Nintendo finally willing to add a handheld backlight. If not only on sale in Japan in 1998 GB Light, then GBA SP is Nintendo in the global launch of the first with backlight handheld products. In addition to the backlight, clamshell design also gave a very good protective screen. GBA SP can be said to be an improved version of the model to listen to the views of the host. But GBA SP removed the headset interface tradition, must use the headset adapter can, some fantastic. The best modified version of NDSL console time: 2006 sale price: $129 NDSL, many people may remember the shape design of the first edition NDS that it is very difficult to let people have a sense of beauty, Nintendo probably also aware of this, so in the first edition launched less than two years after it launched a new type of NDSL. In addition to significantly enhance the color value, also improved battery life, brightness adjustment, color screen, which makes NDSL became one of the most suitable to go out with the psp. Unlike DSi, NDSL retains the GBA cassette compatible. This is the history of the most outstanding (perhaps no one). A modified version of PS3 Slim – the best host sale time; 2009 price: $299 PS3 Slim PS3 on sale in the beginning was to become creative logo, but the first $600 of the price of so many game player from the superior. Finally cable.相关的主题文章: