In the collier hit Great Barrier Reef was a $90 million claim response: only $2 million 500 thousand – Sohu finance [Global Times special correspondent Zhao Yang] in Australia local time 6 days, Commonwealth of Australia court trial in Brisbane, to decide in Chinese coaler "deep 1" Great Barrier Reef ran aground in the accident who bear the responsibility for compensation. In 2010, the ship belongs to Chinese Shenzhen Energy Transport Co., the deviation in the waters near Queensland, ran aground. The Australian government to the court, asked the Chinese company to compensate $90 million, or is responsible for the restoration of damaged waters of Douglas. The Australian government on behalf of the court hearing that ran aground after the toxic chemical peeling paint hull weighing 0.75 to 1.5 tons, the pollution area of 112 hectares, will be a deadly threat to marine life. In addition, the accident caused deep energy 1, a fuel tank damage, in the sea to form a 4 km heavy oil pollution zone. On the amount of liability and compensation, Chinese companies and the Australian government is serious differences. According to Australia Broadcasting Corporation, Chinese companies believe that $90 million in compensation for the price is too high, and damaged coral reefs have natural repair function. The lawyer said, ship management personnel hired by an independent company shall be responsible for the accident. Australia’s Postal Express reported that Chinese companies said that if convicted of this responsibility, only $2 million 500 thousand compensation. This is based on the size and tonnage of the ship and the current rate of exchange. The hearing will last about 4 weeks. This is not the first time Great Barrier Reef has been hit by a ship. In 2002, a Greek cargo ship crashed into the coral plexus after crossing the channel. Australia said that the accident resulted in 1500 square meters of coral reef destruction, leakage of the paint contaminated the surrounding waters. Finally, the owners pay clean up this piece of water, and pay a $100 thousand fine. In July 2013, the U.S. Navy’s Seventh Fleet two fighters suffered "emergency" in training, 4 bombs will jettison the waters of the Ocean Park Great Barrier Reef. This makes Australians angry. But the U.S. Navy Seventh Fleet commander said the bomb is inert, the impact on the environment is almost negligible. Great Barrier Reef Ocean Park executives also said that these devices are not a real bomb, will not pose a danger to people or the environment.相关的主题文章: