In the absence of heating in addition to holding a daughter-in-law can count on? The strongest heating guide eleven holiday on the last two days, with a Xilihuala autumn winter in Beijing, even if it is completely to the. Two days before going out to play or a long sleeved will fix it, work today have been downstairs, was stunned by the cold breeze blow back to the house, with a cotton padded jacket. This southern heating, the North has not come to the heating of the day, accompanied by the basic at home with the other half of the heating. The single Yang teacher can only wondering how to spend this day. So I will give you one by one to Yang analysis the main heating products on the market. Air conditioning in people’s impression, is mainly used to cool, and the current market most of the air conditioning products are hot and cold. But in terms of heat, in fact, is divided into two types of compression and electric auxiliary heat. Before compression, we still review the working principle of air conditioning. Air conditioning is the core component of the compressor, and the core of the heat conduction is refrigerant. When the utility model is used for refrigeration, the refrigerant is evaporated from the liquid into the gas to absorb the heat in the room, and then the heat is released from the gas in a liquid from the outside. If you understand the difficulty, then the air conditioning can be compared to a yin and Yang, both hands can absorb heat, but also can discharge heat. Usually like to stay in the wall, the left hand in the room to absorb heat, the right hand on the outside heat. In winter, when it is warm, the right hand absorbs heat from the outside. However, when the outdoor temperature is very low, the Yin and yang can not absorb the energy from the outside, according to the law of conservation of energy, it also no heat can be transferred to the house. So this is the common outside the machine does not work, so the electric auxiliary heating air conditioning was born. Electric heating is actually in the air conditioning fan installed in a circle near the electric wire, electric heating metal, then transmitted directly to the indoor air circulation. This time the air conditioning turned into a hot fan. Advantages: 1. No extra occupy space. 2. The heating range is large, the heating speed is also fairly fast. 3. Compared with direct electric heating resistance wire heating products, saving some slightly compressed. Disadvantages: 1. Noise. 2. When the outdoor temperature is low, the heat is slow, and the outdoor temperature is very low. 3. Cannot move. 4. In the course of the work will make the indoor air is very dry, the sun is a long, especially like the electric fan of the thing, but there is no fan leaves. The heat transfer function can be realized by the infrared radiation of the main transfer section of 2.5~15 mu m, which is based on the electric heating radiation element and the reflecting device. The infrared radiation is heat, with ultraviolet radiation on the human body is completely different, so it is safe, but when buying home appliances brand must buy regular products, because of the small solar products manufacturers uneven, the qualified rate of products is not high. Advantages: 1. Heating fast. 2. Low price. 3. Easy to move. Disadvantages: 1. Electric charge. 2. Safety is low, the studio equipment temperature is high, easy to burn, and large.相关的主题文章: