A woman can fall more jealous to prevent inflammation disease for eating Chinese medicine experts, women eat more vinegar is conducive to the prevention of gynecological diseases, clinical medicine commonly used vinegar and all kinds of drugs for common gynecological medicine vinegar bupleurum, angelica, peony vinegar vinegar, can be used for the treatment of irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding vaginal discharge and other gynecological diseases. Experts suggest that some pure natural maintenance products can be used for internal and external adjustment. Vinegar not only reconcile dishes taste, add fresh fragrant, otherwise many medicinal. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the acid enters the liver, the liver is the main blood. Many gynecological disease caused by liver discomfort, vinegar acid, specifically into the liver, liver drugs can enhance the analgesic effect, and liver stagnation, blood stasis, stasis and relieving pain. Vinegar also has beauty totale role, often drinking vinegar and vinegar products can make the skin smooth and delicate, wrinkle reduction, moisturizing face fitness. It has lasted for a long time to wash the face with diluted vinegar, and it is also beneficial to the skin nutrition of the face. Vinegar and glycerin by 5 to 1 the proportion of confusion on the skin, long-term maintenance can make the rough skin gradually restore delicate; every night before bedtime, vinegar smear root skin, can reduce dandruff generation; before going to bed every night before drinking a small amount of vinegar, is helpful to sleep, but also conducive to the maintenance of the skin. Vaginitis eat more garlic often eat garlic kind of women are not easy to suffer from fungal vaginitis. Because garlic is rich in allicin, allicin and other substances, they are bactericidal substances of natural sulfur, has a strong bactericidal effect, can inhibit the excessive growth and reproduction of Candida albicans in vagina. Cervicitis and folic acid intake were investigated in women with high incidence of cervical cancer. It was found that women who had significantly lower folate content were not only likely to cause fetal neural deformities during pregnancy, but also increase their risk of cervical cancer. Therefore, women should supplement folic acid appropriately, including folic acid supplementation and intake of folic acid rich foods, such as spinach, cabbage, amaranth, leek, fish, eggs, Cereals, beans and nuts, so as to prevent and reduce the incidence of cervicitis. Experts remind that as folic acid is not heat-resistant, the temperature when cooking is slightly high will be destroyed, therefore, the temperature should not be too high when cooking, and the cooking time should not be too long. Diet pelvic inflammatory disease is a common gynecological disease in traditional Chinese medicine is a "hot hernia" and "Xuan Xia" and "carry" symptoms such as pelvic inflammatory disease category, want early lifting of the pain should do the diet recuperation in daily life. Diet should be light food, eat more nutritious food, such as egg, tofu, beans, spinach, etc.. Should not eat spicy, greasy, cold food, such as pepper, fat, tea and wine, cold drinks and so on; to avoid warming, dog meat mutton, longan, deer glue, also should not eat.

秋季女人多吃醋可防病 预防炎症要针对饮食中医专家表示,女性多食用醋有利于预防妇科疾病,中医临床常用醋与各类药物共制,常见的妇科用药醋柴胡、醋当归、醋白芍等,可以用于治疗月经不调、崩漏带下等妇科疾病。专家建议可用一些纯天然的保养品进行内外调理。醋不只能调和菜肴滋味,增添鲜喷香,另有诸多药用。中医认为酸入肝,肝主血。许多妇科病由肝经不舒引起,醋味酸,专入肝经,能增强药物疏肝止痛作用,并能活血化淤、疏肝解郁、散淤止痛。食醋还具有美容驻颜的作用,经常饮用保健醋和醋制品能使皮肤光洁精致,皱纹裁减,容颜滋润健美。历久维持用稀释的醋洗脸,另有利于面部的皮肤营养。将醋与甘油以5∶1的比例混淆涂抹皮肤,历久维持能使粗糙的皮肤渐渐克复细嫩;每晚就寝前用醋涂抹发根的皮肤,还能裁减头皮屑的生成;每晚临睡觉前饮用少量醋,既有助于睡眠,又有利于皮肤的颐养。阴道炎 多吃蒜类经常食用蒜类的女性不容易患上霉菌性阴道炎。因为大蒜中富含蒜素、大蒜辣素等物质,它们是含硫的天然杀菌物质,具有强烈的杀菌作用,可抑制白色念珠菌在阴道内的过度生长和繁殖。宫颈炎 摄取叶酸通过对患宫颈癌高发地区的女性进行调查发现,体内叶酸含量明显不足的女性,不仅在怀孕时容易引起胎儿的神经器官发生畸形,还会使她们患宫颈癌的危险增大。因此,女性应当适量补充叶酸,包括服用叶酸补充制剂和摄取富含叶酸的食物,如菠菜、小白菜、苋菜、韭菜、鱼、蛋、谷、豆制品、坚果等,有效预防和减少宫颈炎的发病率。专家提醒,由于叶酸不耐热,烹调时温度稍高就会被破坏,因此,做菜时温度不宜过高,烹调时间也不宜太长。盆腔炎 节制饮食盆腔炎是妇科常见病,在中医上属“热疝”、“痃瘕”、“带下”等病症范畴,盆腔炎患者想要早日解除病痛还应在日常生活中做好饮食方面的调养。饮食应清淡食物为主,多食有营养的食物,如:鸡蛋、豆腐、赤豆、菠菜等。应忌食辛辣刺激、油腻、生冷的食物,如辣椒、肥肉、茶酒、冷饮等;还要忌温补,狗肉羊肉、桂圆、鹿胶等,也都不宜进食。相关的主题文章: