Improve the immunity of the baby’s health recipes in the fall When the autumn, can pay attention to diet, let the baby enhance immunity. Look at the autumn recipes. Stewed pork production methods: fresh pork cut into small pieces, add cold water, ginger, onions, aniseed, a small amount of vinegar, with a pressure cooker cook 30 to 40 minutes. Take a good stew ribs in the baby’s porridge or noodles cooking food, or directly to eat meat, or food. Nutrition tips: meat, bones and soup to eat together, not only to add high-quality protein, but also to supplement calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. Some mothers mistakenly believe that the nutrition of the ribs after a long stew has been fully integrated into the soup, in fact, is not a correct understanding. Production method: wash shrimp dumplings fresh shrimp with salt, ginger, wine and other seasonings, put the steamer and steam for 15 minutes after the stand-by. A raw egg opened in small bowl and mix thoroughly. The egg liquid in the wok, to be above the egg has not yet solidified when adding shrimp, egg and then folded into a half moon, over fry can be taken out. After the water is boiled, add green vegetables and can be eaten boiled dumplings, a little. Nutrition tips: shrimp and egg are high protein food, shrimp also contains a lot of minerals, easy digestion and absorption, is the best food supplement protein in children. Green leafy vegetables can be added vitamins and minerals. Method of making mud fish tofu soup: wash the fish with salt, ginger, to spur and mashed fish mud on the steamer after. Boil the water to add a little salt, add diced tofu, boil add fish paste, then add a small amount of starch, sesame oil, green onion into paste. High moisture content, short muscle fiber, easy digestion and absorption. Nutrition tips: fish and tofu are high protein foods, help to enhance children’s resistance to promote children’s growth and development. Method for making pig blood tofu cabbage soup: pig blood tofu cut into small pieces, wash chopped cabbage. After the water, adding a small amount of salt, dried small shrimps, add vegetables, tofu, pig. Cook for 3 minutes, add seasoning. Nutrition tips: pig iron is an excellent food, it is rich in iron, easy to absorb, cheap etc.. Xiaobian summary: autumn food variety, is a good time to increase the immunity of the baby with tonic means, can not miss the golden autumn health season.相关的主题文章: