Hunan people pay attention to it! The salaries of these kinds of people are increasing. Combing reporters found that as of September 13th, 9 provinces in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Liaoning, Chongqing, Hainan, Hebei and Beijing had raised the minimum wage standard, with an average increase of around 11%. At present, the highest standard of the national monthly minimum wage is 2190 yuan in Shanghai, and the highest standard of the minimum wage for the hour is 21 yuan in Beijing. Which groups benefit most? The first thing to be clear is that according to the minimum wage regulation, the monthly minimum wage standard applies to full-time employment workers, and the minimum wage standard is applicable to part-time workers. The minimum wage standard has great influence on the following three groups: 1, the world social security research center of the grass-roots workers Chinese Academy of Social Sciences director Zheng Bingwen believes that the minimum wage is the most direct impact of low income groups, the income of the minimum wage increase for this group with immediate effect. 2, although sales staff and dispatched workers don’t have a clear statistics, there is a lot of people who eat on the "minimum wage". A notable example is the dispatched worker. The basic wage of employees who are engaged in these occupations is often the local minimum wage. Therefore, the adjustment of minimum wage standard has great influence on these salesmen. 3, according to the "minimum wage" pay social security enterprise employees have some small business operations are not standardized, although to employees wages are not low, but in order to achieve tax evasion or relieve the burden of enterprises, employees of the social security tax, in accordance with the minimum wage to pay. For employees, although the wages of the hands are much more, the benefits are actually damaged. Such as pension accounts of the money will be a lot less, will receive less pension; provident fund accounts are subject to a greater impact, less money directly for more than half of employees, housing loans will be limited; although the tax less, but in many cases because the tax standard is not enough, you will not be able to enjoy some benefits, such as working residence permit require employees monthly tax amount of at least 150 yuan. "More importantly, the minimum wage standard provides a reference for the society as a whole." Zhou Tianyong, a professor at the Central Party school, said, "the so-called ‘rise in the water’, the minimum wage standard has been raised, and the overall salary level of the society will be increased." How is it reasonable to grow? According to the statistics of the Ministry of human resources and social security, the annual average annual growth rate of China’s minimum wage is 13.1% during the period of "12th Five-Year". Su Hainan, vice president of China Labor Association, thinks that the adjustment of minimum wage standard should take into account many factors, including the minimum living expenses of laborers and their supporting population, consumer price index, average wage, economic development level, employment status and so on. "This year, the growth rate of GDP has slowed down, the price level has also fallen from last year, and the increase of about 11% is more normal." The expert said. Some provinces are "dry goods" according to the minimum wage regulations, and the minimum wage standard is adjusted at least once every two years. In 2015, a total of 27 provinces (districts, cities) and Shenzhen have adjusted the minimum wage standards, with an average increase of about 14%. With the adjustment cycle and average increase, where do you need to increase the amount of gold? Social security and provident fund! "Minimum wage" in the clear, workers to provide normal labor, the employer shall pay the wages of workers after deducting the following items, not lower than the local minimum wage standard: (1) to extend the working hours of wages; (2) shift, night shift, high temperature, low temperature, underground, poisonous and special the working environment, under the conditions of the allowance; (3) the provisions of laws, regulations and national welfare workers etc.. But social security and provident fund are not included, which adds a "variable" to the original minimum wage. To this end, Beijing, Shanghai and other places clearly defined, individual workers should be paid by the social insurance and housing provident fund as part of the minimum wage, the employer should be paid according to the provisions; some provinces are not minus the minimum wage — so this is not high in hundreds of yuan, workers get money reduce a "warm". Regarding the minimum wage standard, the thirteenth five year plan outline of People’s Republic of China’s national economic and social development is clear, "reasonably determine the minimum wage standard" and "improve the minimum wage growth mechanism". Does it have nothing to do with high income people? Many people think that their wages are higher than the local minimum wage, so the "rise in the minimum wage" has little to do with itself. In fact, you would be wrong! If the minimum wage standard did not increase or rise slowly, you will be affected by these benefits: 1, paid leave is to suffer under normal circumstances, the company will have some paid holidays, such as annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave and work-related injury leave, if your basic salary is set in accordance with the minimum wage standard, you have paid vacation time can only get the minimum wage. Imagine that in Beijing, the same monthly salary is 8000 yuan, others can take a maternity leave can continue to take 8000 yuan per month, you can only take 1720 yuan per month, four months directly less than 25 thousand yuan, and many losses. 2, take care of "one word disagreement" change "negative income" and take a negative number of sick pay? This is actually closely related to the minimum wage. Recently, there was a news concern. A woman in Beijing took a sick leave and got a negative income. The day before, was working in a pharmacy in a hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, Ms. Yang, in May this year, she asked for a sick leave. However, when she received a May salary bill, she found that the monthly salary was negative. And the hospital responded, because of the monthly salary is not enough to deduct the social security and housing accumulation fund. Then there are lawyers interviewed by the media said that Beijing, Shanghai is the minimum wage does not contain individual workers to pay social insurance and housing provident fund (i.e.: in Beijing and Shanghai, excluding five social insurance and one housing fund, the employer shall pay the monthly wages of workers not less than the minimum wage), therefore, the negative wage of the hospital not in conformity with the relevant provisions. However, although the above cases are not established in Beijing, it is likely to be established in most areas. For most other places except Beijing and Shanghai, social security and provident fund are included in the minimum wage. In the case of Guangzhou, the media reporter called Guangzhou social security hotline 12333, the staff said, "Guangzhou’s minimum wage is the social insurance and housing fund included, so if the" five social insurance and one housing fund "amount is higher than the minimum wage, it will show a" negative wage "situation." In Guangzhou, Miss Deng, a unit responsible for labor and capital work, also said that the situation of "negative wages" will indeed happen. In their units, they usually first pay for the units, and then they will be deducted from the workers’ income later. So, don’t say "minimum wage" has nothing to do with you later. News link about minimum wage, you need to know 1 of these common sense, what is the minimum wage standard? The minimum wage standard refers to the minimum labor remuneration that a worker should pay in accordance with the law, based on the premise that a worker provides normal labor during the statutory working hours or the labor contract stipulated by law. 2. What units do the minimum wage apply to? The minimum wage standard is applicable to enterprises, private non enterprise units, individual industrial and commercial households with employees and workers forming labor relations with them. State organs, institutions, social organizations and workers to establish labor relations with them. 3. What items do not include the minimum wage standard? According to the "minimum wage" and relevant regulations, the employer shall pay to the minimum wage of workers do not include the following: 1 the overtime wages; the shift, night shift, high temperature, low temperature, underground, poisonous and special working environment, under the condition of non monetary income allowance; the employer by food and supplement housing paid to workers; the employer shall pay for the workers of the social insurance and housing provident fund; the employer in accordance with state regulations, providing the benefits for the workers. 4. What is the scope of the minimum wage for the minimum wage and the minimum wage for the hour? The monthly minimum wage standard is applicable to full-time employment workers, and the minimum hour wage standard is applicable to part-time employment workers. According to the relevant provisions of the labor contract law, part-time employment, refers to the hour, workers more than 4 hours in the same employer the average daily working hours, working hours per week for a total of not more than 24 hours of labor form. 5, is the salary of the probationary personnel less than the minimum wage standard? According to the labor contract law, the laborers provide normal labor during the probation period, and the wages paid to the labourers by the employing unit must not be lower than the local minimum wage standard. 6. What kind of legal responsibility should the employer bear in violation of the minimum wage standard? If the employing unit violates the minimum wage standard, the labor and social security department will order it to reissue the wages of the workers owed for a limited time, and it can be ordered to pay the workers’ compensation according to the 1 to 5 times the amount owed. Source: Central News (ID:cnr_cnr)

湖南人注意!这几类人的工资要涨了   记者梳理发现,截至9月13日,全国已有江苏、上海、天津、山东、辽宁、重庆、海南、河北、北京等9个省份上调了最低工资标准,平均增幅在11%左右。目前,全国月最低工资标准最高的是上海的2190元,小时最低工资标准最高的是北京的21元。   哪些群体最受益?   首先要明确的是,根据《最低工资规定》,月最低工资标准适用于全日制就业劳动者,小时最低工资标准适用于非全日制就业劳动者。   最低工资标准主要对以下三类人群有重大影响:   1、基层劳动者   中国社会科学院世界社会保障研究中心主任郑秉文认为,受最低工资标准影响最直接的是低收入群体,最低工资标准的上调对于这一群体的收入具有“立竿见影”的效果。   2、销售岗位人员、劳务派遣工   尽管没有明确的统计,但是靠“最低工资”吃饭的人并不少,一个明显的例子就是劳务派遣工,再如收入由“底薪+提成”组成的销售人员等。   从事这些职业的员工的基本工资往往就是当地的最低工资,因此,最低工资标准的调整对这些销售岗位人员来说也有较大影响。   3、按“最低工资”缴纳社保的企业的员工   有一些运营不规范的小企业,虽说给员工发的工资并不低,但是为了达到逃税、漏税或减轻企业负担的目的,员工的社保、纳税都按照最低工资标准来缴纳。对于员工来说,虽然说到手的工资多了,但实际上利益却受到了损害。   比如养老金账户中的钱会少很多,退休金也要少领;公积金账户受到的影响更大,钱直接少了大半,员工贷款买房会受到限制;虽说纳税少了,但是很多情况下由于纳税标准不够,你将无法享受一些待遇,比如工作居住证就要求员工每月纳税金额至少为150元。   “更为重要的是,最低工资标准为整个社会提供了一个参照。”中央党校教授周天勇说,“所谓‘水涨船高’,最低工资标准提高了,社会整体薪酬水平也会随之提高。”   如何增长才合理? 根据人力资源和社会保障部统计,“十二五”期间,我国最低工资年平均增长率为13.1%。   中国劳动学会副会长苏海南认为,最低工资标准的调整要考虑多方面因素,包括劳动者及其赡养人口的最低生活费用、消费价格指数、平均工资、经济发展水平、就业状况等。   “今年GDP增速有所放缓,物价水平较之去年也有所回落,11%左右的增幅比较正常。”这位专家说。   部分省份是“干货”   根据《最低工资规定》,最低工资标准每两年至少调整一次。2015年,全国共有27个省(区、市)和深圳市调整了最低工资标准,平均增幅约14%。   有了调整周期和平均增幅,还需要在哪里增加含金量呢?社保和公积金!   《最低工资规定》明确,在劳动者提供正常劳动的情况下,用人单位应支付给劳动者的工资在剔除下列各项以后,不得低于当地最低工资标准:(1)延 长工作时间工资;(2)中班、夜班、高温、低温、井下、有毒有害等特殊工作环境、条件下的津贴;(3)法律、法规和国家规定的劳动者福利待遇等。   但社保和公积金并不在内,这就给本来就不高的最低工资增添了“变数”。   为此,北京、上海等地明确规定,劳动者个人应缴纳的各项社会保险费和住房公积金不作为最低工资标准的组成部分,用人单位应按规定另行支付;有些省份则并非如此——在本就不高的最低工资中减去几百元,劳动者拿到手的钱减少令人“窝心”。   关于最低工资标准,《中华人民共和国国民经济和社会发展第十三个五年规划纲要》明确,“合理确定最低工资标准”“完善最低工资增长机制”。   与高收入人员无关?   很多人认为自己的工资标准高于当地最低工资标准,那么,“最低工资上涨”与自己就没什么大的关系。事实上,这么想就错啦! 如果最低工资标准没有上调或者上涨缓慢,你的这些利益就会受到影响:   1、休带薪假很吃亏   正常情况下,公司都会有一些带薪假期,比如年假、病假、产假、工伤假等,如果你的基本工资是按照最低工资标准设定的话,那么你休带薪假的时候就 只能拿最低工资。设想一下,在北京,同样是月薪8000元,别人休产假每个月可以继续拿8000元,你休的话每个月却只能拿1720元,四个月就直接少了 至少2.5万元,多吃亏啊。   2、当心“一言不合”变“负收入”   休个病假工资变负数?这其实跟最低工资息息相关。   最近有个新闻很受关注,北京一位女士休了个病假,收入变负数!日前,在首都医科大学某附属医院药房工作的杨女士生病,今年5月她向单位申请了病假。然而,当她收到5月的薪酬单时,发现当月薪资显示的数额为负数。而医院回应,因其当月工资不够扣除社保和住房公积金。   随后有律师接受媒体采访表示,北京、上海确最低工资标准不含劳动者个人依法缴纳的社会保险费和住房公积金(即:在北京和上海,剔除五险一金后,用人单位支付劳动者的月工资不低于最低工资标准),因此,该医院的负工资不符合有关规定。   不过,虽然上述案例在北京不成立,但是在大部分地区却是有可能成立的。因为,在除北京、上海之外的其他大部分地方均将社保和公积金包含在最低工资内了。   以广州为例,有媒体记者致电广州社保热线12333,工作人员介绍称,“广州的最低工资是将社保和公积金包含在内的,所以如果‘五险一金’的金额比最低工资高,的确会出现‘负工资’的情况。”   在广州一单位负责劳资工作的邓小姐也表示,“负工资”的情况的确会产生,在他们单位的话,一般由单位先垫付,往后再在劳动者的收入里面扣回。   所以,以后不要再说“最低工资”与你无关啦~   新闻链接   关于最低工资,这些常识你要懂   1、什么是最低工资标准?   最低工资标准是指劳动者在法定工作时间或依法订立的劳动合同约定的工作时间内提供正常劳动的前提下,用人单位依法应当支付的最低劳动报酬。   2、最低工资标准适用于哪些单位?   最低工资标准适用于企业、民办非企业单位、有雇工的个体工商户和与之形成劳动关系的劳动者。国家机关、事业单位、社会团体和与其建立劳动关系的劳动者。   3、最低工资标准不包括哪些项目?   根据《最低工资规定》及有关规定,用人单位支付给劳动者的最低工资不包括下列各项:①加班加点工资;②中班、夜班、高温、低温、井下、有毒有害 等特殊工作环境、条件下的津贴;③用人单位通过贴补伙食、住房等支付给劳动者的非货币性收入;④用人单位依法为劳动者缴纳的各项社会保险费和住房公积 金;⑤用人单位按照国家规定为劳动者提供的福利待遇。   4、月最低工资标准与小时最低工资标准适用范围是什么?   月最低工资标准适用于全日制就业劳动者,小时最低工资标准适用于非全日制就业劳动者。根据劳动合同法有关规定,非全日制用工,是指以小时计酬为主,劳动者在同一用人单位一般平均每日工作时间不超过4小时,每周工作时间累计不超过24小时的用工形式。   5、试用期人员的工资是不是可以低于最低工资标准?   根据《劳动合同法》规定,劳动者在试用期提供了正常劳动的,用人单位支付给劳动者的工资不得低于当地最低工资标准。   6、用人单位违反最低工资标准应该承担何种法律责任?   用人单位违反最低工资标准规定的,人力社保部门将责令其限期补发所欠劳动者工资,并可责令其按所欠工资额度的1至5倍支付劳动者赔偿金。   来源:央广新闻(ID:cnr_cnr)相关的主题文章: