China Cup third station: Lu hang tire continued to boost in September 25th, by the full support of the tire road route of China Grand Prix Chinese automobile and Motorcycle Sports Federation (CAMF) home court race ended at Shanghai international speedway. CAMF rider Zhang Zhiqiang won the double crown at the same time, take the race association cup under the CAMF in power, success in expanding their integration advantage. The first round, Zhang Zhiqiang leading the way to win the championship, the second place with David Zhang Zhiqiang Zhu after the line, won the runner up, Zhang Xianshang won third yuan, Lu Gan, St. Li Yanhan won the assessment, four to sixth; the Challenge Cup winners were Zhang Xianshang, white, Huang Libo won the new asia. The second round, Zhu David narrowly grab 0.368 seconds before Zhang Zhiqiang finish line, unfortunately, after the investigation by David, Zhu made a start stage in an overtaking behavior through the control line, according to the rules of the game to make the penalty when Zhu David penalty of 30 seconds, Zhang Zhiqiang instead won second rounds of the championship, third the fourth line, Lin Jinxin and Xia Yu won the Asian runner up, Yuan Shengping was the fourth, punished Judevi eventually won the fifth. The Challenge Cup winners were Bai Yaxin, Huang Libo, Zhang Xianshang won by. Lu hang tire grip and perfect control of super power racers were racing tires, special formula can better adapt to the racing track, leading to a vehicle tire manufacturing process provides the perfect linear acceleration curve performance and excellent control ability, professional focus, Lu hang tyres conquered the absolute strength of the game.相关的主题文章: