Huang Xiaoming sneaked into the subway and sent the book stars to do public Tencent for reading entertainment news some time ago, "Harry · Potter" Hermione plays Elmar · Watson’s a slow! She was delighted to show their hands was reading the book "lost", and this is a lost 100! These books are hidden in every corner of the London underground, called on fans to look good, as can be imagined, a lot of people are in the best of spirits into the treasure hunt, the lost book is "read mad". It turned out that Elmar was involved in a Book Sharing campaign to encourage people to use their commute time to read books. And Huang Xiaoming, Xu Jinglei and other stars have also launched a Chinese version of the event on micro-blog – the book lost battle". Which Huang Xiaoming in micro-blog Po out of his own in the subway line 14 to get the book photos, and launched the event on micro-blog. Coincidentally, this morning, line 14 because of equipment failure caused by congestion, the truth is not clear to users have pointed to Huang Xiaoming. Huang Xiaoming then patiently answered on the micro-blog, he went to the subway station yesterday, and I hope the subway can be resolved as soon as possible. Netizens praised: This is a super idol!" Huang Xiaoming mentioned in the original micro-blog: "I believe many people like me, Hermione is the goddess Shuabing two days ago, in addition to the same accident, shocked and impressed, a curious little girls how useful endless power. She can do what she thinks is right. So the first time the link to the team to ask whether we can continue this activity in China? The results of the second day, they received the invitation, a second without hesitation would choose time and place, and finally chose the list…" Then Xu Jinglei, Zhang Jingchu, and other star artists, such as, along with dozens of writers circle KOL and others have also released on the activities of micro-blog. In order to call for people to read, read off the boom, this activity invited many public figures were "lost" book of action, there will be up to the background activity stickers and every book on the two-dimensional code sticker, drifting back to see the trajectory of each book and the reader reviews. Everyone can apply for the lost book kit. "Lost" book of operational activities will spread on social networks is similar to the form of ice bucket challenge, is bound to the way of entertainment, let more people to participate in, to feel the fun of reading. Let charity be used Huang Xiaoming’s charity相关的主题文章: