Finance Be informed! Be empowered! Can we make out from a group of babies, who will be.e what? Anyone can be.e a doctor, engineer, chartered accountant or an architect. Right? Through learning, children be.e their chosen professional in life and stay as learned till the very end of their lives. Since the learning period is longer and age restrictions apply, one has to start early to be.e a doctor or engineer. All these professions help people earn, save, invest and grow financially stronger. Personal assets like real estate, jewelry and automobiles are decided with consensus among family members. However, more often than not, decisions on investments in financial assets require assistance from outsiders. Why? Is it because, you lack the knowledge? Or, is it because you did not learn? Or, because you felt it cannot be learnt? Unlike other professions, learning financial skills required for handling investments on your own, does not suffer from longer learning curve or age restrictions. Given the resolve and determination to learn and practice, you can easily be.e self-sufficient much sooner than you would think. Test before you trust is the most essential facet of learning in this area. It is hard to be able to foresee the future laid out by someone, when you dont have an opportunity to assess how successful he had been in the past. Trust no one if he claims that he alone can forecast the future prospects of any opportunity. Discount him even further if he says the opportunity is open just for you. Money knows no preferences. Its value remains same, whether it is from you or some other. Past and present are frozen and are beyond anyones ability to alter. Any objective estimate considering only the frozen facts can be tested for accuracy. However, if ones estimate is based on likelihood of future events, he may always .e up with excuse on why his forecast did not work. Research of past data led to inventions of many medicines that help us cure ailments. Research of past data and study of relationship between operating results and following prices of .panies over longer periods of time helped Vivekam .e up with objective methods of forecasting. Vivekams forecasts are least biased and are 100% objective. Time and again, the results of tests performed using Vivekams models produced far better yields than most conventional theories. How can one benefit from Vivekams objective models is sought to be explained in this video. To gain in stock markets, you will purchase and sell shares. You can buy stocks when you have money. Investing in stock is like a journey in a train/bus. You must get off the bus when you reach the destination, even if the bus is in best condition. If the condition of bus is too bad, you must opt for alternate modes of transport or some other bus. Just like we dont give up travel when the bus is bad, we must look for better avenues to pursue our journey in stock market. Like we get off the bus when the destination is reached, we must get rid of stocks when your goal is reached. Just like getting into a bus without defined destination, it is highly improper to buy stocks without having an idea on when to sell or why to sell. Prices of stocks dont go up or down based on your needs or moods. It is clear that we must chose the right vehicle for our money making journey and should also know when to get in and when to get out. Bad vehicle takes you nowhere. Undefined destination will confine you to bus for ever and rat race endless while draining your resources constantly. Vivekam helps you spot opportunities when you have money. It does not require you to find money, dangling an opportunity in front of your face. Not being a broker, there is no incentive to lure you into buying stocks or selling stocks. SPOTS Current (Select Portfolio of Top Stocks) lists eligible stocks on any give day. If you wish to test the efficacy of Vivekams research, use SPOTS to test it on any single day in past 12 years. .pare how Vivekams listed choices performed when .pared with Nifty in the same period. Vivekam helps you find reasons for its suggestion yourself. SNAPSHOT gives you all such reasons with one click! SEA (Stock Estimated Vs Actual) gives fair values daily after duly adjusting for the market impact. By updating you with the fair value assigned to each stock, it helps you sell when the level is reached. If you chose to be reminded upon reaching the target, you may opt for alert service, whereby you are instantly alerted via your chosen mode of .munication. Vivekam updates the results as soon as they are announced and revises fair value within 24 hours. Sell decisions are made easy by .paring the market price with fair or revised fair value on any day. Once the stocks are sold, the cash realized can either be deployed in market in better vehicle(s) to take your money making journey to next stop or suspended, if your goal is reached. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: