UnCategorized Over the last few months, one question I’m often asked is…"How can I attract purchase money prospects without involving local Realtors/Agents in the referrals process." Let’s face it, as mortgage rates move around and the refinance applications continue to decline, a solid system for generating purchase leads is a must to ensure your survival. The following system can generate a huge number of qualified mortgage leads for you. There’s no begging for leads involved plus, delivering donuts and rate sheets are not a requirement. What is required to implement the system is some initiative on your part, coupled with a little today’s technology. The technology you’ll need is called a "call capture" system. In case you’re unfamiliar with "call capture," it’s simply a toll-free number and system that you dedicate to your personal mortgage advertising. The toll-free number captures every single phone number that dials your toll-free number. This includes unlisted, blocked, and cell phone numbers. Plus, if the number is listed in a directory you’ll also receive the name and address of the caller. A great by-product of this system is that even if your prospect hangs up before finishing his/her request…their phone number is still captured giving you the capability of following-up. Usually, "call capture" .panies and marketing programs re.mend that you give the toll-free number to a Realtor/Agent and allow them use the system to capture leads via their property listings. Since you are the mortgage person of choice…you have full access to the leads as well. The problem with using the "call capture" in this manner is that it doesn’t work if you’re new to the business or haven’t established a good working relationship with a Realtor/Agent. Using "call capture" to distribute free reports is different and…It cuts the Realtor/Agent out of the equation. The best part is that all of the leads you generate are exclusively yours. Here’s how it works… Incorporate and offer targeted "free reports" into all of your marketing materials, advertising, fliers, brochures, door hangers, business cards, and everything else that promotes your mortgage business. While your .petition is offering the traditional "low mortgage rates," or "a free appraisal or pre-qualification," you’ll be offering free information using targeted "free reports" instead. Here’s just a few examples of "free reports" you can offer: 1. 5 Mortgage Secrets Every Homeowner MUST Know, but Lenders Don’t Tell 2. Tips Your Banker Doesn’t Want You to Know About When Shopping For a Mortgage 3. 5 Reasons Why You Should Refinance 4. How to Secure a Mortgage with Damaged Credit 5. Why Owning Your Own Home Is Better Than Renting 6. Free Report Reveals Home Inspection Tips That You Need To Know Before Purchasing By promoting simple targeted "free reports" like these, you can generate hundreds of calls, all from potential clients that want and need this valuable information. Once your caller requests the report, simply send it to them and then follow-up with a phone call. This ac.plishes two very important things: 1. You have identified a potential client, and 2. This gives you a unique opportunity to present yourself as a trusted advisor and expert, not just another salesperson. You’ll notice that I use the phase "targeted free reports." By promoting a specific group of reports you can target the types of customers you prefer to work with. You may target home buyers, first-time buyers, refinance prospects, FSBOs or, the credit challenged. The choice is yours…and the huge number of leads that you generate using this system…are also yours. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: