Look at the North American children Yee Tong Bao authority how to do satisfaction assured Sohu – the era of progress Chinese mother, market of apparel products demand has not satisfied with warm and beautiful, is largely began to focus on comfort, safety, and environmental performance. Compared with adult clothing, children’s attention to an unprecedented level of social. Since June 1st this year, the implementation of the GB31701-2015 "infant and children’s textile product safety technical specifications" for the sale of infants and young children in the textile products in detail. However, in the near future there are still many, many batches of domestic brands of children’s clothing sampling failed, repeatedly worried parents. The quality of children’s clothing, children’s clothing production enterprises have no products for the market to set a good example for journalists? These questions, in October 10th settled Tmall mall first brand Qi Tong Bao made a professional answer. Yee Tong Bao (The Children’s place) is ranked first in the share of children’s clothing fashion brands in the North American market, provides a full attention for children aged 0-14 to foot full range of clothing, accessories, footwear and other goods. Yee Tong Bao to release the nature of the child with fashion, according to the psychological characteristics of children of different ages and aesthetic taste, personality and quasi etc, joining international latest fashion elements, to provide one-stop shopping experience of children’s clothing. The brand has more than 1 thousand and 100 stores in the world, the world’s consumer satisfaction is much higher than the industry level. As the official Disney in the United States and the Middle East authorized manufacturers, Yee Tong Bao’s success is not accidental in the world. Although it has been known for fashion vane, but it is not known for its long-term adherence to quality and safety, strict control of the details and strict implementation and improvement of the standard. For example, Yee Tong Bao in both fashion at the same time, and minimize the zipper design, abandon the traditional cloth standard, strengthening pumping with (to prevent wound). The use of printing, sequins and lace are strictly set up in safety but also the basis of comfort. The reporter learned that, in addition to no condition to achieve the universal significance of children’s clothing quality standard, Yee Tong Bao also reached such as the U.S. Federal Trade Commission issued the "textile fiber content label and washing maintenance provisions", the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued "the flammability of children’s sleepwear standard (16CFR1615 and 16CFR1616)", and the American society ASTM F1816, 2004 "International Children coat drawstringsafety specifications" drawstring standard. Based on these criteria, Yee Tong Bao insisted on rigorous safety testing of each product, to provide the fabric meekness does not stimulate the children to give children a perfect market, with comfortable wearing experience skin friendly, safe and healthy products. It is reported that the business platform stationed Tmall mall is the first step of transnational development in Chi Tong Bao’s authority China market, there will be a large number of follow-up action. By virtue of its unique brand style and high standards of quality standard mode, orderly promote the American children Qi Tong Bao fashion vane will undoubtedly lead and promote the quality of children’s clothing industry Chinese. Children’s wear.相关的主题文章: