Car DVD player is one of the important car consumer electronics. It is special for all kinds of vehicle. With the exclusive GPS navigation system, it n offers customers the in-time voice service as well as the detail information of digital map. It also .es with a lot of entertainment functions. Such as CMMB TV, DVD, CD play track. Therefore, when we are going for to buy a car DVD player, the size of the screen has be.e one of the significant factors. Generally speaking, all the in dash DVD navigations can be divided into three major specifications–4 inch in dash DVD navigation, 7 inch in dash DVD navigation and 8 inch in dash DVD navigation. As a customer, which size is perfect your beloved vehicle is what we need think over before purchasing? Now we collect the three size of Car DVD player and give a .parison. Hope it can offer some essential suggestions for your purchase. Unlike the portable GPS device, the size of the in dash navigation systems are twice bigger than the former ones. Take the entertainment into consideration; we take 7 Inch TOYOTA DVD Navigation for the example. With 7 inch Full Motorized HD Digital TFT-LCD Touch Screen, it offers the fabulous visual effect when you are using the digital map. It also can automatically estimate reversing tracks, displayed on screen for reference. Its onboard operating system supports most of todays most popular GPS navigation software titles and functions like intelligent route planning, points of interest suggestions, the ability to download changes submitted by millions of other GPS users. Add to that an extra long 3 meter mag.ic GPS antenna and youve got yourself an invitation to take to the open road and never look back. Great news for people who like to hit the road without a plan! Whats more, if you or your kids are crazy about watching TV, then attach the long antenna and youll be able to receive digital TV channels wherever its available. Now instead of listening to the football match on the radio, you can actually watch it too! 8 Inch TOYOTA DVD Navigation is designed for those have the special demand for stereo system and TV watching. It is big enough as a laptop and you can watch the clearest screen. This car audio unit can run multiple disk types along with a heavy assortment of audio and video multimedia files from USB drives and SD cards, as well as iPods for added portability. Whether youre a fan of The Fast and Furious or Heroes, movies and TV shows will display beautifully on the motorized sliding 8-inch LCD touch screen display panel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: