How far are we from the heart of the robot? The level of current world health is increased rapidly, more and more medical programs have joined the high-tech elements (such as including hip replacement and hearing aids, assistive technology, way) a storm of artificial heart also many scientists and doctors are overcome. The French company Carmat has focused on artificial heart field for 15 years, the artificial heart building can completely replace the human heart, save those advanced heart disease patients, and the patients less than two weeks of life. Recently, Carmat announced the creation of second artificial heart products, is expected to be born in 2017, and intends to pass the relevant departments of the European license. Unlike other artificial heart, Carmat is to build a permanent artificial heart, save those advanced heart disease patients with heart failure, instead has the heart, rather than as a bypass equipment, assist in heart transplant patients following. How does an artificial heart work? The artificial heart of the Carmat is constructed in such a way that a thin membrane separates the two chambers, allowing the fluid to flow to the side. A motor pump removes the hydraulic fluid from the atrium, allowing the fluid to move from the other side of the atrium. The heart of Carmat uses a heart valve made from cow’s heart tissue, with sensors to monitor changes in blood pressure. The sensor can send the information to the internal control system, which can adjust the blood flow rate. The Carmat artificial heart is made up of biomaterials, which do not require the use of immunosuppressive drugs, and the most faithful to mimic the body’s original heart. Unlike the previously used short-term ventricular assist pump, the Carmat artificial heart is dedicated to "settling" in patients. Only to provide power to the heart of the battery in vitro, its endurance up to 2 hours. Standing on the shoulders of the martyrs so far, the Carmat heart transplant surgery has been performed four times. In December 2013, when the first 76 year old dying Claude Dani underwent surgery for artificial heart transplant Carmat in Paris, which is the world’s first artificial heart transplant surgery. According to media reports, at that time, the patient in two months after the surgery has been able to eat their own, and do not need to continue breathing assistance. 75 days later, the patient died. In August 5, 2014, second patients underwent surgery for artificial heart transplant Carmat, a 68 year old patient was discharged home in early January 2015, after the normal life. He is equipped with a set of external portable devices that provide power for the artificial heart. In May 2015, the patient died. The two patients died, according to Carmat analysts, because the electronic control of the artificial heart was in disarray. Third patients who underwent Carmat artificial heart died after the operation, and died of renal failure after 9 months. Patients are also suffering from a variety of diseases, renal disease has been extended to e相关的主题文章: