.munications The down-turn in the real estate market has left realtors searching for ways to stand out among the sea of more than half of a million realtors in the United States. As a result, realtors lead the nation in adopting new media and virtual technology, and with the help of services like PGi iMeet are beginning to create digital, face-to-face relationships to expand their business. Today, blogs (not unlike the one you are reading right now), social media and video websites provide people everywhere a chance to brand themselves which can be an excellent opportunity for professionals in any industry. According to the National Association of Realtors, just fewer than 75% of prospective home buyers begin their research on the Internet via various websites and search engines. Google, Facebook, and YouTube are all very popular. To put it into perspective, Yahoo offers 605,000,000 options for "houses for sale." Thankfully, conferencing can help set your personal brand apart from the sea of .petitors by providing a quicker, more effective and efficient way to respond and connect with web prospects. Prior to PGi iMeet, the only way for realtors to respond to leads was through email, phone calls, or posts on social media sites. A select few offer live chat functions, however most prove to be far from user-friendly and therefore aren’t much help. PGi iMeet helps to bridge that gap between you and your web leads by providing the following with the simple and easy click of a button from an advertisement or website: Live, face-to-face video accessible on any device Connect with prospects across the street, across town, or across the globe with quality that rivals in-person meetings PGi iMeet can even speed up the time it takes to close a deal via collaboration tools, storage, and file sharing. .municate face-to-face with financers, lawyers, brokers and clients wherever, whenever. To put it simply, PGi iMeet provides you with the ability to offer first-class, personalized service without the premium costs. For example, what most realtors spend thousands of dollars on every month, iMeet offers at just a fraction of the price: Personalized URL Additional Information For more information on PGi iMeet and other conferencing services that can improve your business, give one of our professional account managers a call today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: