Hongkong property market continued to pick up the industry material prices increase in the number of new social network in Hongkong in September 14, the new world renowned real estate service operators DTZ 14 day review of Hongkong housing and property investment market in the third quarter of 2016 10%-. Senior director of DTZ Hongkong area general manager Tao Ruhong said, prices from the start of the year has risen about 5%, is expected to the end of the year will rise to about 5%, the overall rose about 10%, but has not yet recovered last year high, a peak last year discount of 3% to 5%. Tao Ruhong said that in the second quarter, the number of properties for sale and sale of temporary contracts rose nearly doubled in the first quarter, with the buyers confidence in the property market recovery, the purchasing power of the backlog gradually to the primary and secondary projects. In recent months, property transactions are particularly active in August, property provisional sale and purchase agreement number reached 7648, rose to July 2015, the property market began to decline the level before the third quarter is expected to be over 20000 cases of property transactions. Tao Ruhong pointed out that the economic fundamentals, the low interest rate environment and good investment prospects are not many, encourage capital flows to the property. Developers with the emergence of purchasing power, the introduction of more than one unit, the price is reasonable, and the bank also set off a mortgage war to attract customers. In addition, the recent sale price satisfactory, some land more than expected, reflecting the current property market optimism is expected in the next quarter, housing turnover is still expected to volume and price, but if prices rise too quickly, the transaction will slow down. For the current market is generally concerned about the U.S. interest rate hike risk, Tao Ruhong believes that the U.S. interest rate hike has little impact on the property market, because if the United States to raise interest rates, the rate will be very slight. The current competition in the mortgage market in Hongkong is still large, believe that even if the United States to raise interest rates, the Bank of Hongkong may not even follow, follow, the range will be very small, Hongkong’s low interest rate environment will remain for some time. In the aspect of property investment market, DTZ Hongkong investment and consulting services director ye Jianjun pointed out that since July, a total of 44 cases were recorded in each case for large property more than HK $100 million turnover, turnover was HK $17 billion 68 million temporarily. Investors are still interested in the two largest residential and office property category. In the strong rental demand, office prices still have room to rise. Ye Jianjun stressed that shops have been watched by more investors. The recent rebound in the number of visitors, retail sales decline has slowed, many investors believe that property prices have bottomed out shops generally, therefore grasp the opportunity in this quarter, the purchase discount of more retail property. (end)相关的主题文章: